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The Meditation Conversation Podcast

The Meditation Conversation Podcast

A podcast to support your spiritual (r)evolution.
The Meditation Conversation is an exploration into the opportunities which abound when meditation becomes part of your life's framework. Meditation affords the opportunity to connect within to understand your experiences from a higher level, work through trauma, heal yourself body, mind, and soul, invite peace and joy into your being, connect to all living things, and receive guidance from higher consciousness. Each episode is a conversation between the host, Kara Goodwin, and a guest centered around topics related to meditation. Discussions often revolve around the guest's transformative journey and the lessons and wisdom gained therein. In addition to meditation, topics include mysticism, energetic healing, spiritual awakening, divine intervention, clairvoyance, and mental health. Any topic is fair game that deepens the understanding of what is beyond the conscious realm.

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Recent Episodes

Health Mental Health

236. The Secret to Mindfully Balancing Motherhood and Professional Life - Katie Krimitsos

Feb. 2, 2023

Passionate and dedicated, Katie Krimitsos navigates her role as a mother and business owner while striving to fulfill her mission to impact millions of women through meditation and find the Holy Grail of stillness. She share…

Guided Meditation

235. Meditation Mondays: Self Love - Thom Walters

Jan. 30, 2023

Fill your cup with the ultimate self care practice of loving yourself completely! Thom Walters will help your heart expand and your cup runneth over with the highest frequency of love. Resources: - To become part of the Ze…

Energy Health Mental Health

234. Manifest Your Dream Life - Emily Rose Summersett and Scott Roberts

Jan. 26, 2023

Wife and husband team Emily Rose Summersett and Scott Roberts help high-achieving CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs all over the world optimize their mental health and performance and enable them to make the impact and…

Energy Guided Meditation

233. Meditation Mondays: Releasing Stress & Anxiety - Nicole Smith Levay

Jan. 23, 2023

Nicole Smith Levay is a professional dancer turned Energy Coach. She integrates somatic therapies, breathwork, and meditation into her work with folks struggling with anxiety and depression. Using body-centered techniques, N…

Mental Health Yoga

232. Near Death and a Search for Healing - Michael Harris

Jan. 19, 2023

Michael Harris' story of his near death experience and the subsequent anger and resentment he was left with highlights the challenges that can come from mystical experiences.  Michael is the bestselling author of Falling Dow…

Guided Meditation

231. Meditation Mondays: Quiet the Overthinking Mind - David Gandelman

Jan. 16, 2023

David Gandelman is a spiritual teacher, author, and guide, whose mission is to awaken souls on their path of growing into being human, and living an enlightened, purpose-driven life. He is the founder of the Meditation Scho…