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June 9, 2022

180. Massive Energy Influxes Imminent - Modern Mysticism with Michael

The physical realm seems to have been hit hard the last few weeks (coinciding with Mercury being in retrograde). A common theme has been many people having serious health issues. Michael Massey joins to discuss the extremely unique and exciting...

The physical realm seems to have been hit hard the last few weeks (coinciding with Mercury being in retrograde). A common theme has been many people having serious health issues. Michael Massey joins to discuss the extremely unique and exciting changes to the energy grids which are coming from the planet and galaxy, and this imminent incoming influx means for life on the planet.

  • The importance of inner work in how you experience transitory energetic times.
  • How the planetary and galactic energetics we are experiencing right now are like updates to operating systems, and what this means for the technology of the human body.
  • What is the biggest determining factor about whether we move through planetary transitory times with grace?
  • What does the energy look like in the ether related to the upcoming influx/gateway?

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Hi and welcome to the meditation conversation I'm your host Kara Goodwin and today I'm joined by Michael Massie hi Michael hi gara hi everyone welcome back thank you and today is. June sixth and we are aiming to release this episode if I can keep things flowing in the right direction which is not necessarily a given right now. Um, hopefully by the time this is released it will be June Ninth June ninth which is like. Best day of the whole year. Why is that Kara because it's our birthday. Oh that's right, it is yes it is so happy birthday Michael happy birthday care. Thank you? Um, so we thought today we would just kind of. Give a little bit of a field report I love doing these where we just sort of have a touch point with what's going on right now. What are you hearing from people because you have a lot of contacts all across America who are very tuned in to the energetics and what's fun is that um. You know we all have our and our networks right? So you have a lot of of contact with people like I said who are in tune with energy and they're like conscious of more happening than what's beyond the surface and I have some people like that and then I have. People who like have no interest in that kind of thing. Um, but I am hearing things from people who are coming to me like what is going on. Is there something with the planets is there something like. Going on with the atmosphere that's causing this craziness. Um I know in my own personal sphere. You know things have been wild and unexpected and difficult. So um. I'm gonna hand that over to you what kind of things are you hearing and experiencing in this early June period. Okay, well, we're just on the heels of the Mercury retrogate. Yeah easy for.

Retro grade ah that lasts that was three weeks that wrapped up this past friday and this was a pretty this is a pretty doozy of of a particular period. And so there was a lot of turmoil that happened there in may and I know your father-in-law is in the hospital and don't know his current status and I had 2 of my close friends from up in Seattle both of them lost their fathers. During this time period? Um, and um, you know I went through a little incident myself with that was a little bit scary with your own health. Yeah yeah, actually and then. I had yeah you know I had a a see a seizure that just I'd never had None like that before in that it yeah really scrambled me up and I'm just now kind of. Coming out of that. But then that was stacked with ah just a string of of other health calamities that just went bang bang right? Bang. So that's played out in my own my own personal sphere with myself some my other contacts. Ah, in terms of may now here we are now into jen and I get a very different feeling about what's in store for us here in June and it's get me kind of excited. Good. Okay, so. I know that people out there right now may be since we're kind of in this transition window from from you know may into June here. Some people may be still feeling the repercussions of what we've kind of just been through. Um. And others are already starting to reorient or tune into what's coming up or what's at hand and so there's ah, there's a growing sense that that there's we're right on the cusp of something. And now we've talked you know many times before is is there's no one one bill fits all in terms of how anybody experiences these planetary shifts right? and so it has it.

Amplification type of effect and so so yeah, So if you've done your all your inner work or whatnot. These transit can be very beautiful. And exciting and for those who haven't yet then done that inner work these these periods can be filled with Drama Traumatic or in extreme cases. Ah, Souls just aren't ready to they. They're not prepared to move forward. They're they're they're physical vessel literally. It's like they have outdated hardware is like a computer system and that just it it can't it can't handle the. The new version of windows. Yeah or whatever and so the hardware becomes obsolete and it can only run so long on that old software. Yeah and I love that analogy of the the hardware and software and. I I was last night I think right before we started talking I mentioned like I was just talking to a client and she has had a really crazy you know couple of weeks and she was kind of like when's it going to stop. You know how long are we in for like. And and why is it happening and one of the things that I was equating it to So I'd love your take on this and maybe I've mentioned this before but I kind of think of it as we've got new energetics coming in Because. Would you say that this is related to the Photon belt or that you know the the high frequency energy in the galaxy that we're moving through and it's coming into the earth and it's affecting the sun and it's affecting the the planet. Yeah, it's all that's all. Yeah, That's all part of this. So. So yeah, the overall uptick in the energy. That's you know? yeah that sps availablerriving and available to us right? And so as we as energetic beings with you know the energy. Building You know that's the physical. It's the emotional. It's the mental. It's our spiritual but we you know it's something new that's coming in and we have to kind of calibrate to it because it's because it's new just like anything.

Has to adjust and so we kind of recalibrate but that makes things shaky because we have to kind of find out like how do I do this? You know what does this mean for my physical body like how do I adjust myself so that I can sit in these energies and. Be comfortable and be upgraded or or whatever's in store for us. Um, but it requires you know it requires shifting and um and to find that equilibrium I don't know would that be kind of accurate. Yeah, it does and. Because we're gonna go back a little bit here to our computer analogy because they really I really love this too and so and I you know I've got a background in in technology and stuff. So so what we're really talking about here is what we call fpgas. Oh right? say no more all right. Well in case, there's anybody who doesn't know what that is I mean everybody http://ftbgstv jeebs this is ah this is ah the technology that's been around for a while but it's called a a field programmable gate array and what it is is. It's a hardware. Um, ah, it's hardware that can reconfigure itself through a software update. Okay, okay, and this has led into other kinds of technologies called Mims um and another technology which is called software radio. Now so the the concept behind this is that you actually have hardware that can can literally be reconfigured through you know, remotely through a software update and our bodies are being biological organic systems and. Very nature of the Dna woven through every cell on our body is like that and so as so as these energies or frequencies come in then they're picked up through this little radio mechanism in our Dna and literally can. Upgrade our biology in order to support these higher. You know that these these new waves of of energies that are now available to us. Okay, so in this sense the human the human body if you kind of look at it. As a piece of technology it almost opens well at least it does for me as it opens up this like kind of this awe and wonder and go wow if I just look at my body as a piece of technology. This is the most amazing.

technology yeah you know ever it's incredible and it's it's almost and it's it's funny in that that all the advances in in technology that we make making or in some way almost ah um, a mimicry of biological functions that are really built into us. Okay, so what would be some examples of that. Um, what would be examples of that. Well for one. Is is this advancement to reconfigurable hardware. Oh right? Okay, which is actually marrying on organic system. So we're trying to actually turn the technologies to build technical ways to make them function more like. And organic biological entity. Okay, okay, and then of course you have the ah the whole push towards Ai and stuff like that now if you want to even extend that further then we can talk about ah you know like. Wi-fi is being actually a mirror extension of of an innate ability that we have for telepathy. Oh right? Okay, okay, yeah, so it's like there's there's nothing really new into the Sun. We're actually kind of borrowing from what we actually know our aboveway from. Because these are not like right mainstream. No you know? no, but where did the inspiration to create that to begin. Yeah come from you know? So anyways, that's just that's a philosophical argument. We don't have to go down that but it's just a fun fun find a fun little thing to think about. And that that particularly we've built all this because these abilities have been suppressed. You see so the full picture is that oh we have you know instant connection communication with you know with knowledge banks and each other and all that sort of. Everything. But if those abilities have been naturally suppressed in us then we're driven to still complete that picture. But we're doing it through a projection externally and we're building little machines that do it for us. Yeah yeah. Kind of neat stuff to to think about so now. Um so what's happening with with each of these transits and these portal openings as this happens now. The important thing is and you know that what.

Happens is is we mentioned 3 different cases. Okay, None one is as you know we go through a transit period and that can be very exciting and and awesome or it could be traumatic. Um, filled with drama right? more. We might just exit right? right? Okay, so and the the determining kind of determining factor here is the rigidity of the belief system. Okay all right? Yeah, okay so what happens is if. See our bodies are capable of auto updating all that sort of stuff unless we constrain them through a rigid belief system where we become so close minded that we do not accept any of these upgrades at which point. Our hardware will eventually just become obsolete and we will exit and our time here will be done. Okay, now now there's the middle case where it's like pseudo fixed like it's you're kind of too attached. You're all to your. Belief systems and then it takes so it takes some kind of trauma or crises to break that up in order to open the mind up again to new possibilities or one can already just be. Open it and then in which case there's no trauma or crises necessary. Okay, but this is all about the belief systems because the belief systems become the they're like the filtration system by which we're able to access these energetics. It's so. Fascinating because it's showing trauma as a tool and it is such a powerful tool. You know how many people have had and near deathath experience that is totally blown, open their understanding of what's happening. Yeah here and after death and they just. And I mean that would be I would think one of the ultimate traumas you know where you you die and then you come back, you know? um, but it's interesting I mean I love to reframe things because on the surface. You know we think None thing is happening and and it can. And and I have to remind myself of this when I'm going through difficult things you know it's like no, why is this happening why you know it shouldn't be like this. It should be like this and it can be so helpful to pull back and be like okay, something must.

Becoming like this must be necessary or it must be an opportunity that is going to. You know be the maybe the quickest route for me to be able to have exposure to this experience or this emotion and get deeper into coming into mastery or. Whatever you know, but it's great to have those reminders because I can imagine that people who are listening. You know it's not the None time that they've heard that you know your Traumas can be catalysts for things but it can be so helpful to have those reminders of of the role. But they can play here in our human experience. Absolutely yeah, it's in.. It's a great self-reflective question to ask. There's many., There's a number of great questions. But but it's just simply to ask is is um. What are my limiting Beliefs or how are my beliefs limiting my experience and expression of life. Yeah, and just ah you and in for those are an unwares The the idea behind that is. Not quizzing yourself so much is this to introduce this kind of a question within a meditative. You're meditative practice. So you just you just kind of you ask the question and then then just quite. You know, still your mind and just see what what kind of bubbles up. The surface and incidentally you know if you like most people it's not uncommon that when if we ask such an honest question like that. But it doesn't mean we're always going to like the answer. Yeah, you know. Yeah, it's like ah yeah, you know he likes to be like oh yeah I got mustard my mustard on my chin for the whole date. Oh my goodness and and that's whenever we take a look at Ourselves. We're gonna We're gonna be confronted or we're gonna find things that we're that you know. Need to change for our own growth to continue. Yeah, so and so be open to that. Even if you don't know what the change is and it will present then you can just then you can argue with yourself about it. Yeah. Ah, so what? I now back to the grid here in terms of what's happening Planetary. What are we on the cusp of of course we're coming up to soul stay the solstice. Um.

Which would be like the none most significant day in June right? right? Ah, right? because a god day. Yeah, oh yeah, no, not kidding because of our birthday. yeah none that's right yeah um and okay so I've I've gotten some different report from ah from people in terms of what they're they're feeling and they're experiencing this general sense of like we're on the cosp of something. And so this next portal opening or gateway transit period and as this opens up there is an opportunity of course that the elevation of an expansion of consciousness. Okay to step into greater awareness. To expand one's sense of self. None ne's one's a awareness now that what's going on here. There's a lot of activity on what I would call the galactic plane and also what I would. Just in in more general terms I would just call the interplanes and I can I'm picking this up and and so when I tuning into the galactic plane. It looks like um i. Um, it kind of looks like for for those who've seen like a old like kind of medieval battle battlegrounds and you have the armies that approach the battlefield and then there's this whole. Series of Trumpet calls as different flags and regiments as they march out and they take their positions onto the battlefield where there's this maneuvering of putting all the pieces into place kind of ah all right? So that's what I'm seeing at the galactic. Plane and so it's like things are are moving into position now this is where I started to go I know and and for something and all I can tell is that it's imminent. So it's you know it. It's this is it's as ah, like it's this is happening and and what I'm seeing is um is.

Generally in the past we take a certain transit period like Lion's gate or something like that and all witness and I can see into this you know and into the ether's how there's this like ringed gate that opens up that's the. The portal. Okay, um, this one is different I've never seen anything quite like it really? Yeah, it's more like it's a pattern of gates that are all coming together to form a supergate that's opening up. That's the bigger than anything I've ever. Ever witnessed before? Oh my gosh. Oh so many tingles call in my head. Wow wowa wowa and this is this is like a team effort of of epic proportions. So there. Planetary grid sectors that are lighting up that have not activated yet. They're activating and they're all working together and this is in combination with what I'm seeing on the galactic plane as well as what I'm feeling internally. Um, straight to the heart core. And that would be the inner planner plan tells. Yeah, okay, wow. So what are you feeling like in your heart. What things feel like they're coming shifting and coming. yeah yeah I really do feel that wow.

That's Incredible. So Do you get the sense that what is imminent will be because it sounds very powerful and do you feel like it's something that will um. Be like more and more people will undeniably be experiencing like what like something is shifting So meaning if we go back to how I started this where it's like okay your contacts are already tuned in and have gone through a lot of Awakenings. We may be talking to people who are just dipping their toe in and it's like you know, maybe they meditate and they have a curiosity about things but they're newer or they're not quite as dialed into things. But but they're even starting to notice. So Maybe you know it keeps expanding toward more and more people who have no no interest even in this type of conversation going what in the world is going on. You know? yeah and. Um, it's one of these things right? I mean I can so you know I'm bearing witness to what I see on the energetic side. Um, how it plays out. Yeah, you know is is really speculation or conjecture right? Okay, So ah, let's spec. Okay, we can. We can totally speculate. But um, this is not a prediction I Just ah, it's a speculation. Ah and one of the nature. The nature of this gate and the size of it is is like um this blows my mind and I'm like Wow. There's I mean more more more people are going to go through this transit than it was ever possible before. Um so to answer your question is a lot.. It's gonna a lot of. Folks are gonna be transiting through this and subsequently getting their upgrades. Okay, Okay, so when you say transiting that doesn't necessarily mean dropping the body. And transition. Oh no, No no I don't mean I don't mean that kind of a transition I mean trent transiting through like you would and it Yeah, you're like you're going through the airport terminal and you're going and then you're transiting to the right and on the other side is.

Greater Expansion Greater Correct. You know what we can't say for sure. But that's the potential. Yeah, when nice and and yeah, that's um, thanks for clearing that up and I'll tend to say when I'm referring and speaking in this kind of terms if I'm referring to somebody who's who's. Not gonna make the transit then I would refer to that is cycling off oh right? Okay, that would be dying dying. Yeah yeah dying. Yeah yeah, droping the physical body. Yeah, yeah, yeah, um, so ah, then now. Um, let's see here. So. 1 of 1 of.

You know the all of the you know how much literature and teachings and whatever have have you come across that. That kind of boils down our choices into this base level duality of love and fear. Yeah right and I'm sure everybody. That's not that's not new. News that we have this choice of love and fear and you know and we can evaluate. You know all of um, all of our decisions. Um. Ah, based on this particular dynamic is AiNt well as that person as they you know? oh they're they're their you know parent is you know. Kind of hyper controlling of their children under the gu and going. Oh they say that they're loving and they're trying to protect their kids. Ah not so much. They're actually acting out of fear. Yeah right? So there's things get mislabeled a lot particularly in our own minds. We. Think that it's something's love when it's actually it's it's actually fear. So so but that aside okay, what? what's really exciting to me which I'm sensing here in this combination of. What's going on on these multiple planes of existence is um is this new shift or opening up this gateway to to true love and. None of all humans um are really? Ah yes, we all love and. And it overwhelmingly though it's conditional. Love now now conditional love feels good. A love always feels good in all of its forms. It's always a beautiful thing. The difference between conditional and unconditional love is that.

Conditional love is is like okay, there's there's obviously there's some thing attached to it in terms of some condition and if that condition gets hit or met then it it triggers and it interrupts and the the flow of love stops. And that's what hurts. That's what's painful and that's what's you know within all forms of relationships whenever that interruption occurs. That's his. That's and that's a sign of conditional love in the. Um, now. The amazing thing about unconditional love is is that that flow of love is never interrupted. That's the very nature of unconditional love now the. Interesting thing is that is that just because None people love each other unconditionally doesn't mean that they always agree. It doesn't mean that they're um, you know. Won't be conflicts or anything like that. But the difference is that that the hearts never close off to each other and the None thing that hurts more than anything else is ah yeah is when our heart shuts down you call it a broken heart. You know and whether it lasts for a few days or it lasts for a few years or a few decades or however long it. Ah, it's awful and so this is the reason I'm bringing this up is um so this is this is really. Is really core central to this next phase that we're going through where more and more of us imagine a world where where instead of lovingitionally we loved unconditionally. And even keeping everything else so called the same but that one look that one that None switch over would be the salvation of us as a species. Wow and it doesn't mean that our differences. You know we still have differences in disagreements. Um, but our responses to those disagreements. Our responses to the conflicts will be very very different.

Is in the flow of of uncond if with unconditional love, it's it's not possible really to dehumanize demonize or separate ourselves from another. And so there's and there's an in in there's a intrinsic understanding that we're all in this together. Yeah yeah, and being able to experience that on a mass scale would be right and now. Yeah, this is. We're kind of spec's a bit of speculation here and I don't necessarily think that this is like ah I don't know that it's gonna be a flip to switch and all of a sudden everybody on the planet is you know right? That's does that's kind of like the you know that's a that's a glory glory halleluhja moment that we all always with. Like hey yeah I'll take that let's yeah, right? that would make it all so much easier. So I don't know exactly what this trans is gonna be but it's moving forward in that direction at ah at ah at a scale that I have not witnessed before. Wow. I have so much heat at my crown since like this whole time like who a lot of times I get air conditioner Crown this is like hot crown. Okay I know what would be the reason for the difference but who. It's warm. Wow. Well thank you so much. Any does anything come to you as far as parting wisdom of of you know, making this as smooth of a transition as possible. Um. Ah, you know I there's there's a few I I'm trying to think of them like a movie scene that um, the end of the that avengers movie with. They all start coming out of the portals and they all like how you get? Oh my gosh. That's an amazing isn't it. Yes, which and which one is that infinity wars no, that wouldn't been in game and in game the very very very final None right? and all of a sudden boom boom and everyone's you know and. It's like that that moment reinforcements arriveing kind of a moment the um, you know the I was thinking to the lord of the rings. You know when the elves show up to support. Um, the kingdom of Rhode Rohan the

The the lighting of the beacons when they light the beacons and they're they're panting and they're going from mountain to top and like word is spreading across the land is called for house right? Yeah, you know and then there's this and and men and ls and doors. You know they all these different very different. Yeah they've all coming together. They're all coming together because despite their own differences in their own conflicts or whatever they all stand for what is good and what is true. Yeah, and that's more important than anything. Yeah, that's beautiful. Thank you so much. Michael thank you Cara! Thank you all for listening yeah and many blessings to everybody during this time of transition I hope it's a beautiful and smooth one for all of you.