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May 11, 2023

260. Astral Travel and Quantum Timejumps - Lori Williams

Are your dreams getting more lucid lately? Lori Williams and I bumped into each other recently in the "dream" state, which got us talking in this physical world and ultimately to realizing it was time for another podcast episode. If you're into...

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Are your dreams getting more lucid lately?

Lori Williams and I bumped into each other recently in the "dream" state, which got us talking in this physical world and ultimately to realizing it was time for another podcast episode. If you're into exploring the quantum realm, timelines, astral travel, spirit guides, or consider yourself a starseed you will not want to miss this discussion!

Lori Williams is an author, poet, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. She loves helping others along their awakening journey by utilizing her insights and creative endeavors through her brand planet Castleberry and I talked to Lori in episode 237, where we got into a great discussion about her journey and her book, Castleberry Cove Poems for the Journey.

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Kara Goodwin: [00:00:00] 

hello, and welcome to the Meditation Conversation, the podcast to support your spiritual revolution. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and today I'm joined by Lori Williams. Lori is an author, poet, spiritual teacher, and intuitive. She loves helping others along their awakening journey by utilizing her insights and creative endeavors through her brand planet Castleberry and I talked to Lori in episode 2 37, where we got into a great discussion about her journey and her book, Castleberry Cove Poems for the Journey.

Her channeling of a Pleidian guide, and that was a really wild experience where I was unintentionally picking up on him too. So if you haven't heard that one, be sure you check [00:01:00] out episode 2 37, because that's a really fun and insightful episode. 

You're going to really enjoy this episode. Laurie has such a great energy and fantastic insights. She has a lot to share about her astral experiences. And we have fun diving into quantum topics and exploring an astral experience we had together recently. It probably left us with more questions than answers, but blew our minds. Nonetheless. 

Be sure you check out Lori's book, Castleberry Cove. And there's a fun treat waiting for you at the end of this episode. So don't miss that. And before we kick things off, I invite you to support my partners. You can find them through the link in the show notes or on the sponsors tab@themeditationconversation.com. 

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Kara Goodwin: So Lori, we had a pretty cool synchronicity that we'll get into a bit here, but welcome first of all.


Lori Williams: you. Thanks for having me again. It's always 

Kara Goodwin: so fun. Great to pat you. Yeah. so our synchronicity led to us talking about all the things that are going on with you that you've been pick picking up on lately in terms of timelines and dimensions. Different downloads you've gotten and other quantum things that are happening.

Yeah. So, um, I'm really happy to be here with you and connect with you, and I thought we'd just start with if you have any updates that you want to give about what's been going on with you. Yeah. 

Lori Williams: [00:03:00] Gosh, it's, I it's only been what, A couple of months since we talked and so much is evolving. 

Kara Goodwin: It's crazy.

Or a couple of decades. I don't know. It feels like in some ways it's wow, you were just on and in others it's oh my gosh, it's been like a lifetime. 

Lori Williams: I know. Well, it's cuz we're connecting up in the astral and we are clearly doing a lot of timeline jumping and dimension straddling.

I feel that, yeah. Yeah. gosh, let's see. really it's been. Through different downloads and meditation and stuff. I am very intrigued by quantum science and dimensions and all that. even though I'm not like really into science per se since I'm more of a writer and creative.


Kara Goodwin: I feel that too, like I can't get enough about like quantum and frequency and learning all about all of that. Science was never my jam in studying, Right. 

Lori Williams: Same. Which is so funny because I guess it's the whole part of, [00:04:00] maybe it's what we're experiencing, so because we're experiencing it and it becomes real for us, we're just wanting to connect the dots of Yeah.

How does this play out logically and through the scientific part 

Kara Goodwin: of it, because Yeah, it's like applied science. Yeah. 

Lori Williams: Yeah, I know. I'm always like, Explain this for me from a technical standpoint rather than just my, having to explain it from a woowoo standpoint, Yeah. So I always find that interesting cuz I find people like Bruce Lipton and Greg Braden and Billy Carson, all of them, when they're explaining quantum and dementias, it makes a lot of sense to me.

Because when you're having. Which is what I was calling it, memories is how it comes in here in the 3d because obviously we're like, it's not. Happening in the now moment, but it is because it's happening in these other dimensions that are existing simultaneously, concurrently.

So that's big a been a big thing for me is figuring out how to use that different verbiage so it makes more sense because we talk about a [00:05:00] past life, but it's really a concurrent parallel, and that's when you're having. Visions or flashbacks or memories or bleed throughs, you are just singing into a concurrent parallel life.

And I think as we're raising our consciousness, that's what's happening. And that's what I wanted to piece together is like, why am I seeing this? And then this person validates it. And without me even telling them anything, they're able to explain what this is. you can't make that stuff up, Yeah. 

Kara Goodwin: yeah. Yeah. it's so true. And I was just listening. It's so funny because I was, I. I, I was in Sedona not too long ago, and in just a crystal, like a regular kind of crystal shop that's got books and this book Convoluted Universe by Dolores cannon kind of jumped out at me.

it didn't really move, but I, it really grabbed my attention and I was like, oh, and I've listened to another one of her books. But that one just, there was something about. But I didn't get it. And then I went to another [00:06:00] bookshop, ne a day or two later. And the same, like the same, it's like the cover jumped out at me and I didn't even recognize what it was.

And I'm like, it's that same book and it's not new. Yeah. it's been around for a while. Yeah. And so I made a note. I even wrote it down. I'm like, I need to get this convoluted universe, and I didn't. Mm-hmm. And then something else happened with it and I, there's something I can't remember. But then there was another, I just sent out an email and it had this, like my son was part of the story and somebody sent me a response, which was, Hey, I just feel like I, I'm reading this book, convoluted Universe by, oh God.

And she talks about children and how they, and it wasn't really even that related to the email that I had sent. And I'm like, and it's not somebody that I hear from that often and I'm like, what in the world is going on? I'll write, I'm gonna get this book right now. And it's just like things like that keep coming up.

But anyway, [00:07:00] all of that to say that, I was listening to book two yesterday in the car, and. She, Dolores Cannon is a quantum hypnosis. I'm sure you're aware? Yeah. Oh yeah. If there's anybody who's listening. Yeah. She does a quantum hypnosis technique, and so her books are really like things that have been channeled by other people mm-hmm.

During hypnosis. And this person was, who was being written about in their session, was talking about time. Okay. And they were talking about how. Like time is, it's an earthly construct and which, is not like new info for us, but just, it's funny to talk about it now because it was like they were talking about Atlantis time or I think, I don't think they specifically called it Atlantis, but like a time of a great catastrophe and they had been taken off planet on a ship and they were watching the destruction and.

 basically like [00:08:00] everything that would happen for the earth to regenerate. Which would Yeah, the rebuild thousands of years. Yeah. But because they were outside of time, they were off planet, they were outside of time and they were trying to explain how. That could be like, how could you be watching all of you're not aging.

Yeah. But you're watching this whole cycle of destruction and rebirth and regeneration, and then where it can be inhabited again, which again takes thousands of years. and they were just doing their best. Yeah. But time is like an earth thing. So if you're moving outside of earth, then you're, you just use your focus.

Yeah. It's to do with your focus. And I was like, and so now hearing you talk about this, I'm like, of course you're talking about this. Cause I was just listening about 

Lori Williams: this. Yeah, of course. We just blend together seamlessly. Right. It's so funny the synchronicities you and I have on this stuff because I know I, that is when you were talking the whole [00:09:00] time talking, I just keep seeing that scene from Interstellar and I talked about this on one of my videos.

I put on my channel, Because if you've seen that movie, there at the end, I think it's the best description of this, the, of the wormhole and the dimensions and all that kinda stuff. Where he has gone through, it's when they're at the bookcase and I always say spoiler alert, if you haven't seen it or stellar, sorry.

it doesn't ruin it entirely, but, but it helps explain those dimensions cuz he falls through that bookcase area and he's able to connect with his daughter in a moment that he had already seen in the past. As we are seeing him, he should technically be way in the future because of what he's gone through in that wormhole and everything.

But they're syncing up in that now moment, and so there is no space and time in that, because he's seeing her when it was occurring, but yet he's way in a different dimension, in a different space time, creating that moment. That they're both singing. In reality, it gets kinda deep. 

Kara Goodwin: [00:10:00] But that makes me wanna watch that movie again, because I watched it, but I was not, I think I wa I don't know when it came out.

Yeah. But I had no, I remember it was hard to follow it. Yes. Because I was like, that was, I was not into like quantum physics or whatever, and it was like, okay, I get it, but, and next I would appreciate it in a different 

Lori Williams: way. Oh, I need to do it too, because it really resonated with me when I watched it.

I was like, I'm getting it. I'm getting it, but I'm not getting the full implications of it. And. Whenever I thought about it and then when I got this download of what they were showing me and I was seeing this like on a tapestry is how it was presented of, time is not linear. We are, there's different dimensions operating, all at the same time simultaneous.

And so it's that to me I was like, okay. And so that's why in these higher real. They are not seeing everything as we are with the past, present, [00:11:00] future. step one to step 10 or whatever. They're looking at this as this is, they seeing us getting ready for the podcast. They're seeing us talking right now, and then they're gonna see us doing, going about our day.

They're seeing that all at once, So they're just looking at it and they're seeing this all at one. Space time now moment. Whereas, that's not how we operate on 3D Earth. We have to have some sort of, something to bridge it. Keep everything going. Bridge it, yeah. And yeah.

but where we're headed will be what they are seeing. That's why time is getting so blurry. That's why, it's like, well, what is today? It's today Wednesday. It feels like Friday. I, yeah. Is it, I know this week has 

Kara Goodwin: felt super slow like that too. it's fascinating and I have seen in my own multidimensional traveling.

Different ways that time has been represented that are very real. I, it's almost like I can touch it, but very different representations. Like I've seen it as a spiral that I'm looking [00:12:00] down on and it's got different levels and you can experience anything within those levels. And there's that focus point, like it's just, it's not that we're moving through.

Spiral or whatever. It's that wherever we're focused on is what we're experiencing. Yes. So that's kinda how I saw it. And that was like, oh, this is how time works. And then months later, different experience where I was seeing. like a projection, almost like a screen, and then it was to do with the light.

Mm-hmm. And that was dictating what was happening within timelines. And then I saw at a different time where I was seeing all the, like I could see space, like literally seeing like stars and everything, but then I saw this overlay of. Gears that were moving. Oh my. And understood that was time. It was like the space plane and the time plane, like two different axes.

Axises dunno. Yes. I think it's [00:13:00] axes, right? Sure. but they were intersecting. And then depending on the angle of intersection, Was what timeline? So you can have any timeline based on how they're intersecting, and that's based on how you're projecting through your experience. Anyway, all of those seemed very, very real.

And it was like, oh my goodness, this is how time works. This is how timelines work. And they're so different from each other. Yeah, and they're all like, yeah, I think it's, I, it's just we're in this vast universe and we also have our unique expressions. How our consciousness engages with things, or sees things or represents things.

Yeah. And so that's been fun for me to be like, what do I know? Time's everything. You know, it's that's tears. It's spiral. It's like different elevations, you know? It's like it's. All of it. 

Lori Williams: It's all of it. That's the thing. And that's what gets really cool, because there are different timelines operating at any one moment.

And so when you feel [00:14:00] like you've jumped a timeline, you have, I've had that happen in my own life. it's just weird. you'll have something. You think something's going on or whatever, and then in the next moment you're like, Nope. Not going down that path, or that, that has completely evaporated.

That's no longer there. And it's I'm on a new timeline. I'm focused on this now. And so you do have that fluidity and because you're the creator of your own reality, so there are these different pathways laid out. Now I do think. And this is up from discussions. I never broad brush anything and say I've got the answer.

But I do think there are certain things that you come in for, like with your contract that you have created for yourself and so we'll this, we'll keep it simple in this lifetime. Yes. so I do think that there are things that you, wanted to accomplish and that you've specifically come in for.

but how that plays out, I think there is the fluidity there. I think that they will end up happening and you'll intersect to them at a certain point because they were the biggies of what you wanted to, I don't wanna say [00:15:00] achieve, but that you would really like to have completed in this lifetime or whatever.

And I know for a lot of us, STARI light workers, it, it's about the ascension process. And a lot of us feel that. And, it's, it resonates, it makes perfect sense. And as you see all these. Changes going on. You can't help but not deny that's what's up, Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. So, 

Kara Goodwin: yeah. Yeah. I love that.

that makes a lot of sense of just there are different versions mm-hmm. Of, of our life at any kind of crossroads that we come to. Yeah. That's really hard for me to wrap my human mind around is like all the potentialities. Of every choice that you could have has played out, and then the choices from that.

But I'm like, I can only go so far with that, with my, yeah, getting my back around. And 

Lori Williams: I don't think we're supposed to go that far with it either. You know what I mean? I always see it as I, cuz you're create creating up the quantum, so it's whatever you're wanting and you're desiring, it's already there.

Mm-hmm [00:16:00] So we're just, when you're, when something comes together. So this podcast, for example, we clearly wanted to get back together and talk about these things. So it was already out there in the quantum. So then all those synchronicities started happening to where we synced up and it was like, yep, let's do it here and let's talk about this.

And we're letting it free flow. But it's still been in the quantum of what was going to transpire. So now we're just syncing up and catching it up and, but there's, fluidity there. But the overall theme of what we wanted to talk about today was already created by us. For us. Yeah. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. Well, let's get into that a little bit.

In terms of the synchronicity. I feel like synchronicity isn't even like a strong enough word for it, but, do you wanna start with Well, I haven't even been able to really hear about it too much from your side. we've just gone back and forth a bit. 

Lori Williams: That was so wild. And this isn't the, what's funny is this isn't the first time that it has happened with me and you, and I think I touched on it like last year, but Kara [00:17:00] and I, for the listeners, thank you, we sync up in the quantum often.

it appears and I would like to ask, maybe like a channel or a medium or something, like what is our, cuz clearly we've done, we're doing lifetimes together. Right. But, I had a. The same night Carrie did, and yeah, that was what I had seen in the dream. Jumping a lot of timelines and dimensions and going into portals and there was flashes and I would see like the, this team of people that I was doing these things with, so on missions and expeditions and recon missions or whatever.

there's a lot of that because, and so in this dream, yeah, I, and it was layered like inception. I could feel the layers in the dreams, which I do that. I saw you in it and we did, we were going into a flash portal and so then that next morning I, I was thinking about it and I was like, oh, this is cool [00:18:00] Cara.

It's interesting, and then you messaged me and was, I'll let you 

Kara Goodwin: carry on what happened here. Yeah. Yeah. So I was on vacation in Breckenridge. We were, skiing on the mountain there and. I only mentioned that because that, mountain areas can have kind of a, an interesting energy to them.

And we actually did see a flashing green light in the sky. Oh, no way. I'll have to try to see if I can send you that video. But we, I don't know. My son was like, mama, it's not an alien. Mama thinks it's an alien ship. And I'm like, okay, first of all, they're called the UFOs. And I'm not saying it's a U F O, I just don't know what that is.

It was just this like flashing green light. Would you like telepathically 

Lori Williams: think knowing that's what you were thinking? Or had you 

Kara Goodwin: told him? Well, I pointed it out to everybody and I'm like, what is that guys? Look at this light. Cuz you could see the planes like going by cuz you're so much closer to the sky.

the planes move really quickly when you're not at sea level. it's wow. [00:19:00] It's suddenly they're all the way over there. Well, this thing was not moving. Mm-hmm. It was just there and you could see things moving ar like, In relation to it. it's okay, well that plane moved a lot.

It's on the other side of the sky now. if that was a plane, it wouldn't just be sitting there and it's not a helicopter. Right. 

Lori Williams: And how did it get from here to there so fast? And they don't take that directional pattern, you can see what they do, you 

Kara Goodwin: know? Right. Well this one was not moving at all.

It was just flashing in the sky. So anyway, just things like that. there's just, energy and. So anyway, I had a kind of a lucid dream, so I was 

Lori Williams: I was lucid in mine too. Yeah, I was fully aware. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. Yeah. So like I, it was more the middle of the night cuz a lot of times when these sorts of things happen, I haven't yet fallen asleep.

Like when I talk about seeing time and stuff like that, I haven't yet fallen asleep. Okay. This, I believe I had fallen asleep and then I woke back up. But as I woke up, I, my [00:20:00] consciousness was moving through, a portal basically, but like through a tunnel, like very fast, fast movement, and I could feel that.

That I was moving through it. Okay. And I had this awareness again, like that I was alert, it wasn't, I wasn't asleep. and yet it was that sort of twilight, I guess, you know what I mean? Yes. And then I was, When I was done moving, I was in space and there was like this, there was this like vapor, okay, I, and it wasn't like I was in the vapor.

I didn't have an awareness of my form. 

Lori Williams: Yes. 

Kara Goodwin: It was just that I was there and there was this vapor and it was like a, Green and pink vapor. Okay. and I was like, oh, this is ama, like, it felt so profound. And so I don't have the words for it because that's like all the detail that I have.

Mm-hmm. But I can't explain like [00:21:00] how it felt. Mm-hmm. Like it, I get it. Oh my God. this is amazing. Such a blessing. And I knew that I was, because it was probably, I didn't have a clock, but I think it was around one or two in the morning. Okay. And so I knew that I would fall, I would probably fall asleep.

And I was like, I don't wanna forget this. And the word that I had to hold onto was super. Okay. And so it was like, just remember Supernova and then it, you'll remember, and so a few times, like throughout the night. Like I did fall asleep, and then I would come into a light sleep and I'd be like, there's something I need to remember.

Oh yeah, supernova. Supernova, okay. Then I could go back to sleep and then I, it would happen again. And it'd be like, what? What? What's different? What's different? And it's oh yeah, supernova. And so I did, I was able to remember Supernova, but I, and I know that word. But I don't really know what it is. So I, Googled it when I woke up and I looked at Google images.

Mm-hmm. And I was like, well, there it is. That's, and I could see what I had [00:22:00] seen, which was this vaporous, like green and pink. There were a lot of different images, but I did see pretty quickly, Find what I had experienced. Very good. And, but during this experience, I also, I didn't see you, but I you were there.

I was like, oh, Lori's here. 

Lori Williams: Lori's always in the quantum join. 

Kara Goodwin: And so I didn't have the sense that any beings were there or I didn't. See anyone all I really, I could see lights when I went through that portal and I could see the vapory, and I could see space, but it was just this presence. I was like, oh, Lori's here too.

Lori went through it too. And, And that was it. I didn't see you. I don't know what we were, I don't know what we were quote unquote doing. Yeah. we were talking timelines apparently. Right? So I sent you a message that morning and I was like, Hey, just so you know, I had this, you know, kind of lucid dream type thing and I explained it, and you're like, oh my God, [00:23:00] I had a similar experience.

It was and I'm like, that's really specific for it to be at the same, the same night. And then, moving through portals and all these things I'm like, That is 

Lori Williams: wild. Yeah. I mean it's, and it's real, you know what I mean? That's the whole thing. Like how can you make that up? And, because we know when we go to sleep and we dream that we're in the astral state, so mm-hmm.

Our body needs the sleep and the rest, it needs the restaurant repair. Our minds don't, they're ready to, go off into higher conscious. So you're just tapping into that higher conscious and then we're doing stuff, we're mm-hmm. Clearly having experiences and I've, like I said, I think it was last year, I almost have to.

Back on our chat feed, because I. Saying something about that, oh, I saw you in the Astrol last night, or whatever. I don't remember what we were doing on that one, but it's so crystal clear. It was like, that's there's Kara, and you just feel 'em. You know them. You feel their energy.

Mm-hmm. And I know what you're saying though about that kind of, that bliss warmth you're not really aware of like form. [00:24:00] It's more of just consciousness. I've been having that a lot lately. Where, I don't know if you call that astral travel. It's been during meditation where I can feel myself like split consciousness, but aware of where I am in both places.

Mm-hmm. Very fascinating. that has been coming in quite a bit where I'm laying there and I'm like in the kitchen or I'm in, but I can, but it feels like such a state of bliss. And I was just like, I don't care about anything or. But I, do you know what I mean? It was like mm-hmm.it wasn't the tangible 3D aspect of caring about, like the house, the car, the people that, you know, in, in this 3D aspect.

It was more about the love that I felt for all these people and on a consciousness level. So it was all love. In a higher form where it's just blissed out, where you're just feeling that collective beauty, and it just is. It just is. Yeah. And you don't need anything in that moment.

It's so beautiful cuz you're like, I have [00:25:00] everything I need right now. I have everything I could ever want and. It's all non-physical, you know? Mm-hmm. That's a really cool feeling. 

Kara Goodwin: Yes. And I'm very curious that you said that state, that you more and more are experiencing of Bilocation Sort of, because I'm, I also, that's gotten so much stronger for me in the last few months where, It used to when I would have these experiences of multi-dimensionality and I would start to be consciously aware of other places that my consciousness is.

Mm-hmm.I, it was like I could move through all of these different levels of density and colors and geometries and so forth, and if I could keep moving through it, I could get to this space where it's just open space and I could see like stars moving by, but it would be like, it would take every bit of focus that I had to be able to get to the space part.

Yeah. And More. and I always had to travel through a bunch of density Okay. [00:26:00] To get to it. And and now I. I can't do it. Like I couldn't just say, okay, do it right now. Yeah, same. But if I'm in the right and I can do it more in meditation, which it used to be only if I was going to sleep that I could get there.

I, it was hard for me to do it in meditation. Yeah. But now it's like I can almost, it's almost like I'm going through this inner training of knowing where I need to focus. Cuz it's a, there's a place in my brain. There's like a focal point and it also has to do with how my eyes are focusing, even though my eyes are closed, but it's like I'm learning how to get into it almost there's a groove.

if you were, roller skating and you went into this groove and then you were in the groove, and it, and then you, it's, you're like secure in that groove. It's like that, where it's like I'm learning like, oh, there it is. This is how I focus. This is where my awareness needs to be, and now I can see space.[00:27:00] 

Yep. And it's getting easier and easier, and I don't necessarily have to move through the same. Densities. I can pop there. 

Lori Williams: Well, you're, it sounds like you're tuning into the frequency, right? So you're locking it in, and I, it's so funny that how you, the way you describe stuff, it's just the same with me.

I will see or feel like, cuz I'm a Clair sentient and a clairvoyant, I can use 'em all, but those are my predominant and What I visualize is almost like a dial, where I can feel, like on a, maybe like an ar old car radio where you would turn the dial and you could feel it notch in Oh, yes, yes, yes.

Yeah. Or like on a CB or whatever. I'm really dating myself here. Yeah. But I Where you could fill a notch. Yes. So as a Clair sentient, I am filling that notch and then I can go. I love that. Yes. but as you're describing, I'm just like catching your visuals. It's funny you use the word roller skating because roller skating will play into that project we were talking about.


Kara Goodwin: [00:28:00] no kidding. Cause I dunno where, I don't know where roller skating came from. I'm like, when was the last time I was on roller skates but came from, you're gonna have a 

Lori Williams: pair of roller skates back here. Oh. So that's really funny. My, my eighties roller skates, Yeah. Oh, 

Kara Goodwin: that's hilarious. I know cuz on Instagram.

Lorianne eighties fan. So yeah, 

Lori Williams: that's our collect vintage toys. You could see some of them. I get Sam here, but yeah, the eighties. Yeah, you're probably picking up on, some eighties, visual there. 

Kara Goodwin: That must be, that's hilarious. 

Lori Williams: I'm waiting for you to fill 

Kara Goodwin: the next I did when you were, but you were talking about your, dream, I think, and I felt it all through the, my upper back and like in my neck.

I was like, woo. Okay. Got 

Lori Williams: it. That is so funny. Cause that came in this morning while I was getting ready and I was like, let's see if you. talk to Kara again. And I was like, we'll see if it 

Kara Goodwin: comes up. Yes. Here we are. If it goes again here Yep. it's here again. But I didn't wanna interrupt too.

Really? [00:29:00] Oh my gosh, that's so funny. Oh, man. Yeah. I didn't wanna stop you. So I was like, feel 

Lori Williams: free, like time. There's a signer, synchronicity. I'm always here for it, Yes. Yeah. But yeah. Yeah, I know what you're saying. I can feel that. And I think that's what's happening is, we're, well, and for me, binary beats and,frequency music that will get me there really fast.

Mm-hmm. Because I will let that feel through all, out my body, that vibration. And then it's like once my body it almost. super tingly to where I can't fill that lower half of my body, and that seems to allow me to catapult and transport the consciousness at that point. So 

Kara Goodwin: I don't have that.

Okay. Thank you for that tip, because I have not. Combined the Bal beats with Yep. That, so I'm going to play with that. Yeah, 

Lori Williams: play with that and see what you get because, and the, noise canceling headphones, and then I always mask, do I mask? And because Michael, really encouraged that. Mm-hmm. And so I.

It works. I [00:30:00] can get there fast, 

Kara Goodwin: Oh, awesome. Okay. New playtime. I can't wait for that. Yes. So I wanna hear you've got an exciting new project Yeah. That I can't wait to talk about. So what is going on your creative front right now? Oh gosh, it's so exciting. There's always stuff going on with your creative front.

Lori Williams: I know. Well, and I think that's what it keeps me from being bored in the 3D because, I, I do,I have, I'm one of those, I get restless and bored with kind of the 3D world. It's not, I don't wanna say like I'm done with it, but I'm, we've just advanced in our consciousness, so I'm like more, more let's do more.

But, It'll be interesting to see how your neck goes off during some of this. I have gotten, well, I've become a reiki master since I've talked to you, so I went through all of that. Reiki one, Reiki two, and level three. So I'm a master teacher now. So been doing reiki on, people and pets and really loving that.

And then started my YouTube channel. So I'm educating and teaching people stuff over there. the tagline is helping. People journey from [00:31:00] 3D to 5G with fun. so And what's the channel? Just planet Castleberry. Okay. Yeah. So just go over there and I've got some fun videos up. I think they're fun.

they kinda, they address different topics, but bring it on a level. Hopefully that's, for whatever starting out points you're on, it will resonate and connect. 

Kara Goodwin: but the biggest And that, go ahead. Sorry to interrupt you, but just that fun piece of it. I appreciate so much too because I think that there can be this tendency when we're on a spiritual journey, and I've been through this and I don't know if you've experienced it, but where it's oh, okay, if I'm gonna be spiritual, I have to be serious.

Yeah. And I have to be, because that's what sacred is. I need to change who I am. Turn off the silly kind of fun. And not to say that your stuff is silly by any stretch. No, I know what you're saying. Yeah. But it's this lighthearted let's have fun while we're doing this. Let's not take everything. again, it's like taking it seriously, like heavy, like Yes.

And it's.[00:32:00] I guess if that works for you in your life naturally, and you just are a very serious person, then honor that. Mm-hmm. Like, you don't have to become silly. Mm-hmm. If you're, you know, if that's uncomfortable. But I know that I have spent time on my spiritual path rejecting the humorous part of myself, the lighthearted part of myself that you know, and oh, that's, that's not my serious sacred spiritual nature.

Yeah. And as I've kind of matured and gone through like my own continuous evolution, it's no, that's a, that's like a lightness. it's a higher, that's a, there's a high vibration to it. If there's a, a joy to. And we don't want to turn that on. We want to nurture that. So yeah, I really appreciate that approach that you have taken with all of 

Lori Williams: that.

mean, you have to Well, and that's just my, the everything I, I keep hearing is be authentic. And so yeah. I'm like, that's just who I am. Now I do have this side. To me it's funny. [00:33:00] And I'm a certified career coach, professional resume writer. I can do technical writing and all this kind of stuff.

backend website development. I have that side to me where I'm analytical, I'm serious. I've overseen 60 person teams, course, and you know that stuff. So I have that side to me, but, I'm also very playful and very creative, and I know yes, it can sometimes be like, oh, we've got a m and get into this like serious state.

And it's no, like be playful. And that's what the plea, they're very playful, they're very creative, they're very artistic and that's who I resonate with a lot. And I'm like, I can't like deny some of these parts of me when I'm trying to teach, people or share my wisdom and knowledge that I've learned from others.

Make it very serious and because it's not gonna come across as authentic and we do have to have a little bit of fun with it. when you're talking quantum and dimensions and that, you're tapping into a galactic lifetime and you know that people are seeing my multidimensional guides, literally, I have people that can see spirit [00:34:00] guides and dead people and whatever.

Mm-hmm. I, I know people Yeah, I know you do too. That can see in the physical realm who's around you and stuff. So when I know those things and then it's being validated and they're like, yes, I see your pleidian guide standing there. you've gotta have a little bit of fun with it because Yeah, people are like, what the hell is she talking about?

You're right. Yeah. 

Kara Goodwin: So we do have to die if we take that dial that you were talking about before and just turn it down a little bit on what other people think that's necessary. Also, if you're gonna start to wade into waters like we are. 

Lori Williams: Well, and you also have to not be like this. I am the voice of authority, because, we can share our experiences, what we know, what we've studied, but whatever resonates with someone, take it or leave it, is what I always kind of say.

Like, but I know I would've loved to have had, a Lori when I was going through stuff to be like, I'm not crazy. I, this is normal and I have people email me all the time. Thank you for making me feel normal, Thank you for validating me. So now, and that means the world to me, you know?

yeah. [00:35:00] 

Kara Goodwin: But we'll go back to the project. Back to your project. Yes. So that kinda 

Lori Williams: plays into this a little bit. so from my book, um, Castleberry Cove, which is there framed, that my book is a poetry book. And so a recording artist has, she, wanted to collaborate and so we picked up a, well, I told her, Pick out one of 'em, that you like or whatever.

And so I'd given her, I think like 10 that she, you know, I was like, these are some of my favorites I said, but you go with what feels good for you. And so she chose, tethered Hearts, which is on page 16 in my book. And I was, it's so funny that she chose one cuz I love that one. And so they, it's being turned into a song that's been turned into a song.

She, there's a producer that she knew, that she thought would be perfect for it cuz she was like, I see this as like a techno disco, upbeat, kind of song. And I. That's interesting that you say that cuz that's the, from our last conversation, you know, that's for me, that's the music I was listening to, [00:36:00] to compose it.

Oh, isn't that funny? That 

Kara Goodwin: okay? Yeah. I have chills all over. Yeah, 

Lori Williams: well it'll get better. Yeah, because she, so one of the things I saw, yes. While writing this poem, but through the connection, like you were talking about, that bridge connect. So when I bridged the connection with, um, you know, Devin and this Canadian and all this stuff, I was seeing like a, the rainbow bridge, it looked like a rainbow road.

so like from, Mario Cart. Mm-hmm. The rainbow. So it, I've seen that too. Yeah. Uhhuh, it looked like that. And that's where that meeting was, but then it was like roller skating, and mm-hmm. Roller skating on this bridge. Really? Oh 

Kara Goodwin: my gosh. You're kidding me. 

Lori Williams: So what, this gets better. 

I had come out of a massage and I was reading her email when I got in my car. Turn on my. Dupas re playing on my, my, radio, my playlist. Then I read her email, it has a Dua Lipa vibe, and I was like, whoa. What? [00:37:00] And she was like, and I see it like as, you like roller skating and there's rainbows.

And she What? she nailed it. Nailed it. Oh my gosh. 

Kara Goodwin: Okay. I have chills again. Right? Wow. 

Lori Williams: so she was explaining all, so I had that going on, and then I had four other signs and synchronicities with numbers and symbols and things that I have set up for my guides that all were popping off in that moment.

looking at my phone, it's at 44% looking at the clock, I forgot, I can't remember if it was like at 1144. It was something. There was another one of those. Yeah. And it was just so wild and I was. Oh my God, Shaylee, this is incredible. Like, how did you know? And she was like, it just came to me.

And she's I just had the visions and I was going with it. So she was like, I think we need to get, a producer on this. I wanna, I want it to be mixed and I want it to be really tight and everything. And so that all synced up in a really amazing way. And yeah, the song is, Pretty much ready.

It's in its final cut. We will, I don't [00:38:00] know when this is gonna air, but, we will be probably launching it all in tandem or whatnot, but I can send you the file if you wanna add it onto 

Kara Goodwin: this, but, oh, that'd be 

Lori Williams: wonderful. It's such a cool song and we both keep getting visions of where we're seeing this going.

but yeah, it's about that whole. Canadian galactic lifetime relationship, all this kind of stuff. So Wow. That's what where the poem came from. It was, it's about that lifetime and that connection. And so now hearing that into a song, it's just what? 

Kara Goodwin: This is so cool. That's amazing. So I'm guessing you probably don't know this yet, and I would love to add the track to this episode.

But do you have an idea of where people might be able to, because, we'll, we're probably about three or four weeks out from releasing this, so you have an idea of how people could get. 

Lori Williams: Yeah, so she will be posting it on her. She's got she's got like an I MDB page and she's got her own recording, outlets and stuff.

I'm guessing it'll be Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music. She'll put it up on her YouTube channel. I'll put it up on [00:39:00] mine. but then this producer, he has a lot of connections and obviously the recording and music industry and whatnot. Pushing it out on his, connections and platforms. So we're super excited to see where it goes.

That's amazing. And how it's gonna, I can see this as a, as a TikTok, reel or an Instagram reel where people are, cuz the music is really catchy. It's gotta, it's got a good What is it, earworm or ear cook? Uhhuh. Yes. On that. Chorus and bookworm and you can feel it.

Yeah. Bookworm worm hole. Right. but it's it, and you feel it because the words in the poem, obviously cuz they're channeled automatic written words. There was a frequency in those, so their views was source codes and then shalee's voice and who she. She, oh, her voice is just like the voice of an angel.

she infused it purposely with source codes and her light language and some of that stuff. wow. It's coming through and you've, you feel it whenever you listen to it. You can feel it. 

Kara Goodwin: So I can't wait to listen 

Lori Williams: to it. I'll send it to 

Kara Goodwin: you after this. It's so exciting. I know. [00:40:00] I'm so happy for 

Lori Williams: you and we'll see.

Yeah, I think there's, And there's potential for, other poems to be going into songs. so I would just love that. I think it's amazing. Such a great way to reach people. Positive, encouraging, and up uplifting higher consciousness, right. Frequency and vibration in words, 

Kara Goodwin: yeah. Oh, wow.

More chill. 

Lori Williams: Mm-hmm. Ooh, 

Kara Goodwin: I like it. Yeah. Well, this is just amazing, Lori. I'm so excited for everything going on with you. I'm so happy that you're here today. Yeah. how can people connect with, Yeah, go 

Lori Williams: to planet castleberry.com. That's pretty much where everything is. I've got my services and my shop over there, so I do one-on-one sessions.

I do, the career coaching and, talking about, manifesting, raising your vibration, how to start a small business, self-publishing, all these different topics that I do and I've done. People can book sessions with me over there and we can talk about those things. so yeah, that's really the easiest way.

And I'm on Instagram, planet 

Kara Goodwin: Castleberry or [00:41:00] Laurie Fan. S fan. There's two. 

Lori Williams: you can talk to just me or the brand. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah, whatever. Fancy. Awesome. Mm-hmm. Well, thank you so much. This has been a blast. Yes. I really appreciate it. And thank you, Devin, for being here too. God is like, 

Lori Williams: yeah. So funny.

Awesome. Thank you. Thanks Kara. 


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Lori Williams is a published author & poet, Reiki Master, and Certified Career/Life Coach. She helps people journey from 3D to 5D with fun. With hundreds of hours completed in energy healing, multi-sensory awareness, and metaphysical study, she uses her insight to help others on their journey.