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May 22, 2023

263. Ascension Symptoms - Modern Mysticism with Michael

Are you going through a spiritual awakening? Maybe you know that something is different now, but you aren't sure what is going on. There are traditional "symptoms" that accompany the awakening of higher levels of consciousness, and in this episode...

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Are you going through a spiritual awakening?

Maybe you know that something is different now, but you aren't sure what is going on.

There are traditional "symptoms" that accompany the awakening of higher levels of consciousness, and in this episode with Michael Massey we talk about what ascension symptoms are like and what they indicate.

Some of the topics we address in this episode include:

  • Kundalini awakenings, and their very real power
  • The levels and layers of consciousness and the many different things that are happening with a spiritual awakening
  • Heart frequency and the physical feelings that can accompany the heart changing frequency, including how it can feel like a panic attack
  • Energy and frequency and how that relates to spiritual awakening
  • The normalization process as you integrate new energies, including the downsides
  • Ringing tones that seem like tinnitus
  • Vibrating chakras
  • Downloads and interpreting/integrating them
  • A secret hack to assuring you can trust the energies and signals you're getting
  • What it means to go from 3D consciousness to 5D consciousness

Check out Michael's first appearance on the podcast where he talks more about his spiritual awakening: 033. Real-World Power Within via Spiritual Awakening - Modern Mysticism with Michael

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Kara Goodwin: [00:00:00] Hello and welcome to the meditation conversation, the podcast to support your spiritual revolution. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and today I am so happy to be joined by Michael Massey. Welcome Michael. 

Michael Massey: Thank you, Kara. Good to be here. 

Kara Goodwin: So I wanted Michael to come on today to talk about his spiritual awakening that happened many, many years ago now, and we actually talk about this in episode 33, which is something that both of us refer a lot of people to.

It's a really great episode. It carries an amazing vibration. but there are a ton of people who are going through their own version of a spiritual awakening right now. And so it just seemed like something that [00:01:00] made sense to revisit. And,get out there with a fresh, episode because once you do start having a spiritual awakening, especially if it's a quick and powerful one, because it can happen bit by bit, little by little or you can have a big change all at once and have really no frame of reference for what's happening.

So it's really helpful to, be able to look back at other people's experiences and relate them to what's happening with you right now. in that spirit, I wanted to revisit this story, get it down again, and, and know that it will be helpful to people who,are having their own version of it.

So thank you so much for being here, Michael. You're 

Michael Massey: welcome. Thank 

Kara Goodwin: you. And let's start by talking about,where you were pre spiritual awakening, how things were going in your life and what you were like before you were [00:02:00] a mystic and a shaman. 

Michael Massey: I was a geek.

having got my degree in engineering, Rose Holman, Institute of Technology over there in Terre Haute,I went into the workforce, then into the fields of telecommunications, information technology, and,that was my former life, in my career was really in that field and, in a variety of capacities, in, in terms of being both with an engineer and then being involved in business and, ultimately led me to starting my own software.

company out there in Los Angeles. And you know that over the first decade of this millennium, my life was wrapped up in that. And anybody who's an entrepreneur knows that when you start a business, it's like birthing a child and you probably pour your heart and soul into raising this child.

And then for me, in [00:03:00] 2008, it was just a kind of a perfect storm of multiple different factors came in,and it really wiped me out. And I had to close the business. And, I moved, I ended up, I just left Southern California and I. And I moved back to Indiana for a couple years and I was really in a, just in a grieving process and I didn't know what to do with my life.

And I applied to some graduate schools and programs for cognitive science. thought maybe that's the direction I would go, but I really, my heart wasn't anything. and I was in an incredible amount of physical pain at the time as well. And no doubt that all the, the stress of the stress and the grief and all that was contributing to this.

And so not being able to turn a key in a door or walk, take a single step without excruciating pain, cuz I had arthritis throughout [00:04:00] my body so bad and my fingers were swollen up. it was a really rough time. And, that's when I was, I got to the point where I just, I was like, I'm ready to end it all.

and it's funny, not funny, haha, but for everyone out there is to realizes that the primary catalyst that triggers a spiritual awakening happens to be crises. And it just is that way. we're funny little critters, us humans but when we just go along and life is good, then we have no reason to go beyond whatever routines and however we've boxed our life up.

And we will stay just comfortable in that. And so it generally takes Some big catastrophe in order to bring us to a point where inside we start asking these questions that are existential in nature of, what's the meaning [00:05:00] of life? What's the purpose of all this?

Why am I here? And who am I? And all this. And once those questions start being asked authentically, which a crisis can totally facilitate, that's when a transformation process starts to, to kick off. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. I agree with that a lot. You see that a lot. And and part of me wonders if.

That historically has been true, and then now with where we are in terms of the energetics of the planet and what's hitting the planet from outside, I believe that there are a lot of people that are just getting hit with it just because it's time for them and not necessarily it needing to be a catalyst.

But I think historically that has been, that's, that was how I came through, as well, was through tragedy. what I'm seeing just anecdotally, some of this stuff now is just what is going on? I [00:06:00] was, everything was okay yesterday and now I'm just launched into like, why do I feel like this?

Where's this energy coming from? I, where are these like, there's not necessarily now always that, I don't know. Again, it's anecdotal, 

Michael Massey: but. Yes. And not having done some kind of extended year historical study tracking what? Yeah. it is consistent with the overall acceleration of things.

and there's this kind of thing is everyone who goes through a spiritual awakening becomes part of, the evolution of that process. Such that generation by generation, what took, what, what took me four years to move through. it can be moved through, today in a much shorter, maybe four months.

Mm. You know? Yeah. So there's, that's the whole kind of [00:07:00] logarithmic acceleration is that generation by generation. And that's the whole point of it too, is if I go through a bunch of hardships, my gift for the rest of the world is, Hey guys, you don't have to go through what I went through. Because I already did that part.

So let's not reinvent the wheel and there's enough that we all have to go through. So everybody's do their own thing and so the kinda ideas we share with each other such that we can make this journey more enjoyable, and not require the same level of difficulty. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah.

so what did it look like for you as you hit that precipice where it was like, I don't even know if I wanna go forward with my life. And then there was like, what did that sort of catalyst look like from that point to launch you into the. The spiritual realm? 

Michael Massey: yeah. it began with the choice when I was, faced with, I had to choose life or death.

And that's really important thing, and something that, [00:08:00] that everyone, you know, with, so much, suicide rates on the rise and that kind of thing, especially amongst the younger group is there's the importance of just being honest. And, sometimes it's like the aspects of ourselves say, want to die and, but it, and that there shouldn't be so much judgment upon that.

And, this is an important thing, but we have to realize which, what do we really want inside? And once you made the choice, and for me, I had a, I was going through this time, but it was actually a buddy that had, I had known since I was three years old, that committed suicide that was able to snap me out of.

Of where I was at and was the trigger a catalyst that, that when I saw the effect of him making that choice, that I decided not to follow suit with that. And so then I made a choice inside to live. And then from there, it's just getting behind that choice. And so I made that choice and then things [00:09:00] began to unfold from there.

And to the, to the point of like where we are right now. And I think what's happening right now and could be wrong is that the, a lot of people are asking those existential questions even though they personally may not have, they don't need a personal drama of an incredible crisis. So serves to elicit.

Asking those questions. Mm, yeah. we actually can skip the crisis and go straight to just asking those questions, but they can't just be, flip it like a curiosity thing. It's a genuine, do I really, who am I and what is the meaning of all this, and what's my purpose for be being here?

If you honestly ask that question, then the whole universe will start bringing the answer to you, and then [00:10:00] it will set you on the course for your life to be the, your life itself becomes the answer to that question. You become the living fulfillment of your purpose. Here begins with the question, right?

And then your life becomes the answer. 

Kara Goodwin: Right. And anybody who's listening to this, it's fair to assume they are asking these types of questions or they wouldn't be drawn to material like this. So that, I'm sure that's resonating very much with people who are listening. 

Michael Massey: And so that's, yeah. So then you really have, you have the choice to live.

You have the questions to ask. And then from there,it can, and it can unfold in a, an a few different ways and it's going to be, Hmm.it's not necessarily the same formula for [00:11:00] everyone. Yeah. 

Kara Goodwin: what did it look 

Michael Massey: like for you? For me, it was really dramatic.

So I went through,what some folks would call it, a conline awakening. Mm-hmm. And that's, and this is the more dramatic and quicker but riskier, method,or way for awakening to take place. And, now a kind of awakening, what happens is there's this, there's this coiled energy at the, at the base of the spine, and it, when it activates and it starts spiraling up like the serpent, and when it happens, you can, once it's initiated, you can't stop it.

It's, mm-hmm. It's a, you get on this ride and you're on the ride and it's gonna, and that energy is just gonna basically burn through.

this is just gonna burn through your whole, every kind of conceivable notion of what you [00:12:00] thought your existence was about. And it's gonna pretty much, it'll kinda lay everything to waste as it reconstructs and rebuilds,a whole new energy body. Mm-hmm. And so it's pretty in intense and the symptoms and when you're going through kind of leaning away, it's big time power surges that are, that can have very, very real world effects.

it can affect life forms around you can, it can, emmp blast, I had a power surge that took out, that came up and searched out me in blue transformers and took out 10,000 homes. 

Kara Goodwin: And explain that a little bit when you explain it, what your experience was. With that. Yeah.

Michael Massey: I felt this, I felt, like a buzzer electricity building and storing within my body. And then this, then this energy came rushing up, up this old chocolate column and it hit me in the heart. And then this big blue light [00:13:00] went boom, that I could physically see with my eyes. I felt it like a poof.

And it, and then I literally saw this blue light flash, and then the whole neighborhood goes dark. Wow. And then the, and the next day,then there was an article in the paper of a mysterious power outage affecting 10,000 homes. I was like, wow. Wow. Yeah. And then for a while after that, but.

Like I blew several starters in my car lights flickered, and I couldn't use a computer. It would just fritz out. Technology just fritz out on me all the time. Mm-hmm.and so it was a really weird period. And so for about six months, my, there's this literally this new energy system that's activated that's not etheric.

I mean, it could be etheric, but there's [00:14:00] this whole physical component. And so that's one of the things that's gonna be really, is the very physical nature of a condole awakening is it's gonna have components like that. So it's, and it's pretty common, for people to report, weird stuff happening with technology.


Kara Goodwin: Yeah. And like you say, with the impact on other sentient life where, you're affecting the energy of others or,

Michael Massey: yeah. Of just coming into it's not just the electricity that say running through the current in the body, but this is producing a field and that this field that actually surrounds the body and then becoming into the awareness that, oh, wait, if everything is creates fields, so there's actually a field interaction between all things.

Mm-hmm. And that, that in like the 3D mentality, then the physical world is a collection [00:15:00] of discreet, objects of This is me, this is a headset, this is a coffee cup. So forth and so on. and what happens through the awakening is that, the paradigm begins to shift into understanding, yes, this is a coffee cup, but there's actually a field around this coffee cup.

And so the interaction that I have with this coffee cup is through the field first and foremost. all of us are connected in this through these invisible fields, and it's this general field awareness that, is the hall hallmark of a spiritual awakening. Mm. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. 

You said you went through this for about six months, where you were maybe like this, there was this surging energy and there, but there was like a normalization process with that. [00:16:00] I wanna talk about a couple of different things. One being, you had this time of this awakening where there were physical, and energetic effects.

Yeah. And you are like, now you're not experiencing those anymore. So a couple of things with that. One being the normalization and let's explore the normalization a little bit. And the other is, any maybe misunderstandings that people might have as those symptoms start to subside?

Like, oh, I lost it. Do you know what I mean? 

Michael Massey: I do. Yeah. Yeah, I do. And yes. 

Kara Goodwin: And so let's start with the, the first piece to 

Michael Massey: that. Okay. the normalization 

Kara Goodwin: yeah. Like how it does, it, it's something, it's like a new normal for a while and how that kind of works through time.[00:17:00] 

Michael Massey: Right. we have a, our physical body, it's, but we're layered as onion. So we have physical body and mental body, a, emotional body. and then we have this etheric body and there's a causal body and spirit body, et cetera.

Anyways, So we have kind of layers of an onion and what you're talking, you go through this kind of awake and you're taking basically one that, that etheric body's getting a significant upgrade to it. But the other,

 the other bodies may not be upgraded yet. So it's like dropping a V12 until you're like, into your your pinto or something. And that's like what's initially happening in this stage of wow. I'm like, I'm electro man and, but I can't seem to contain the energy cuz it just cause the little pento like 

Kara Goodwin: short circuiting things.

Michael Massey: Yeah, the pinto is not really well equipped. It's like [00:18:00] the handle is b12, Super engine. And so there's a catch up process of integrating these changes in adapting such that the body can handle that new level of electrical charge. Right. And as, as that does comes or as that plays into it, then yeah, everything be eventually begins to normalize in that you can, it, you're not randomly just frying circuits around you all the time.


Kara Goodwin: Okay. So as that normalizes, and like you said for you that took about six months, And so is there any sort of residual or psychological aspect to that? Once, once you feel back to normal or you're used to it and it might be like something exciting [00:19:00] had been happening for six months and maybe you felt like supercharged and really connected and and then how does it feel when that's normal?

You know what I mean? 

Michael Massey: yes, I do. And there's, it's a, it's an exciting time, to be going through when you're going through these changes. cause. Yeah. Cause as freaky as it is, it's also kind of special and it feels that way Uhhuh, and you're like, ooh. You know? And it's really easy to identify with all the superhero stories, and you're like, and you are like, wow, you don't really understand what's happening to you, but you n it's definitely something's happening to you and there's this freaky stuff.

And during this period of time, what happens is all like doubts in regarding like the world of the paranormal just fall away. And it just becomes it pretty much quickly [00:20:00] into near where you don't question anymore. Oh, is, does the paranormal exist? You're like, oh no, it exists. And whether or not we understand it is, that's another question.

but, everything gets. Gets really trippy in that regard. And, because your whole li your life itself, what's happening to you is can, is proof of it. It's, yeah. You're just, you're like,yeah. You don't know. Energy's a 

Kara Goodwin: thing. I 

Michael Massey: can feel it. Yeah. Yeah. I could feel it. and then you begin to ha then there's these weird kind of things where all of a sudden you'll feel like some surge of energy through your, coming, through your body.

And at the same time of that, a paint can on the porch all of a sudden falls over. Mm. and you're like, wait, you see? That's all. You're like, okay, that would, how, why did that paint [00:21:00] can fall over? But more importantly is that thing happened at the same time. I felt something in my body.

Kara Goodwin: Right. Yeah. now it's like this is a super connection 

Michael Massey: and Right. But it, that still doesn't a answer, oh, did I make that paint can fall over bite, or did, or was I just feeling something that happened to the paint? Can, yeah. there's a, it's a really kind of confusing period of time because the cause and effect of things gets blown wide open and you don't really know, am I just sensing things?

Am I actually causing them to happen? but certainly what you can't deny is that all of a sudden very mysterious things are happening in one's experience in one's Right.Yeah. In one's life experience. Mm-hmm.

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. So when that normalizes. Is there like a come down period or like a hangover [00:22:00] period or something that people need to take into consideration?

Michael Massey: I know for me, as I kind of got hooked on the, it was almost became like a drug. So what I went doing is just like searching for the next level. Cause I'd be like, okay, as soon as things started to normalize and flatten and they start like reentering what I would call the mundane, where the routines are starting to come back in place, the upgrade has happened.

Now this is a thing, and it's not to say that anybody who goes through this experience that they can, take an upgrade and now they can go off on a track and go, oh, they can resume life. but now that it's gonna be different. At least, to a certain portion and resume life that way.

normalize again, if you will. for me, I couldn't really do that. And [00:23:00] so anytime things would get tracking back towards the mundane, I would feel this sense of what I call like divine discontent, that somehow I was just settling back into another box and that wasn't okay with me. Mm-hmm. And so I actively pursued where do I go next?

How do I continue this process? Mm-hmm. And for those that choose to do that, there, it's, it keeps going. And so it becomes a kind of a rinse and repeat. And there are, the number of levels is vast and there is so much, it's a big universe. and I 

Kara Goodwin: guess one thing too that I wish to highlight with this is that there can be a feeling of as this new energy gets in [00:24:00] integrated and it does, and you get used to it and it kind of normalizes and your system settles back down, there can be a feeling like you lost it, or I went back to normal.

Or if we think about it in 3D five D, maybe like you get so used to being in a higher, a higher frequency, a higher dimension or something that it feels like you came back to what it was just because you're not feeling power surges anymore. But that. Is not, I would say it's not that you've gone and you've lost anything.

Mm-hmm. It's just that it's now like your system has stabilized and it's come into homeostasis, it's adapted, and now it's the, this is, it's no longer new, but it's, you're upgraded, like you've completed that [00:25:00] upgrade. Is that correct? Is that safe to say? Okay. 

Michael Massey: Yeah. And the thing that you can't really be seen,during our lifetime is the, all the other potential tracks of things that were, avoided.

Mm.so it's once you actually normalize whatever in life carries on, you are not able to actually see what would've happened to your life if you hadn't upgraded. Yeah. there's that, that, that kind of thing comes in a kind of a end of life review type of a process where you, you know, but we don't really know and we can't track cuz we know where we're at.

but it's hard to know what would've happened on the roads with that we didn't take. Right. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. So it is with life. Yeah. So one, one other thing I wanna explore is,we've talked about this in terms of a [00:26:00] kundalini awakening, and this is, it's a spiritual awakening a lot of times.

a lot of times a kundalini awakening is, part of a spiritual awakening. Can you talk a little bit about what the symptoms. what might be some things that people are experiencing when this type of thing is happening? 

Michael Massey: well, I know for one, for me, and this is particularly the cases, but is that at each stage or level?

There's, at some point in there, there's going to, there's gonna be basically a frequency uptick. So you're your core like carrier signal will get upgraded to the, to the next Octa. And when that happens, it creates like this almost like you feel like you're having a panic attack cuz you got two reference signals that are coming into your heart.

And it'll feel like, it [00:27:00] feels like you might be having a heart attack. It might feel like just heart palpitations. and this is where you have an old signal and a new signal, but for a short period of time, they're both there. And this is one of the things that, that I'm so glad I like, was like, that revelation was made to me while in the midst of having one of these things.

Cause I'm like, oh my God, I'm dying. I'm dying. That's what a, the panic attack makes you feel that way. Not that you actually are, but you really feel like you are And and then what I did is I all of a sudden I was able to turn, oh, there's two signals in here.

And I just relaxed and I'm like, okay. And I trust and I just. I stopped, I'd let go of the resistance, and I found I just pop right onto that new one. The old one falls away. So as soon as you make switch the tracks, palpitation goes away, the upgrade clicks in, and there will be a new level [00:28:00] of energy that comes with that.

And with that comes a greater awareness. And then there's a, there's an assimilation or integration period with each uptake. Mm-hmm. And this is a lot when we were talking about in terms of ascension symptoms. And there can be extreme fatigue that kicks in your body is basically is trying to shut down to go into it, to reboot itself.

And it needs a lot of sleep. this is, that's one of the symptoms. And then I had that. Yeah. That happened to you? 

Kara Goodwin: Yes. Remember you were with me. So we were coming back from the retreat center. Was this like two years ago? Yeah, it was the, the first time that we held a retreat. You and I went up to, just go and visit it, or prepare, I think it wasn't the retreat itself, but it was like a few days before or a couple weeks before or something, or something like that.

And I was driving us [00:29:00] back. Mm-hmm. And we'd been like, it was a really high vibe time where Yeah, just we really were feeling like we were in swimming in something like very high frequency. And so we're driving back and I was like, I. My heart hurts. Like I thought, it was this, it felt like a classic heart attack and it was specifically on one side, more on my left side and I had to pull over and take some deep breaths and it was so strange and it came and went.

like I, but that was the big, when I had to pull over, I was like, that was like the big, where, you know, because these things can be confusing and it can be like, okay, is there something physical happening? am I about to pass out or something? But then even once we got through that big, that was like the biggest wave, but then it carried on for a few days, I wanna say where I would [00:30:00] get these squeezes in my heart.

And, it, so it can feel very alarming And yeah. And I've had other times where I've had smaller episodes of that, But yeah, it's really amazing how that can come into play. 

Michael Massey: Absolutely. Yep. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. What about, do you remember feeling any big vibrations in your body? Like, I've had other experiences and they haven't lasted, and there've been a lot lately where just certain like shocker points will be vibrating and I'll just be like, trying to fall asleep and it'll be like, oh man, I can physically feel a shaking, but just in very specific points in my body.

And often like that they're around different chakras and. And they're like bands. So not like a small, like I think of a chakra as like a sphere, like [00:31:00] an energy sphere, but it's like a whole band, like a cross section of the body that's vibrating. did you have anything like that with 

Michael Massey: yours? Yeah, and lots of activity and all the chakra systems and in various different times it was like, it was like some.

Some higher intelligence being was sitting there playing this chakra system like a flute. Mm-hmm. and so I can't say it was it, in general, like for me the con horizon was pretty much, it was woo came up. But, but after the initial activation, then from there it's been sometimes, it could be any of the chakras, they get played Uhhuh.

And when they get, when that note gets played, then that chakras going to increase. its spin. and then, there are experiences of. Of [00:32:00] one is, one can feel like a sense of constriction, like in a particular chakra. They can feel like it's either not moving or it's it, like there's a band that's, constricting it.

And so that's one kind of experience that you might be feeling in a various different center. And so that's what's being worked through by the rise of energy for that to finally break free, break that band. And then when that does, then it kind of whoop. And then you get a, there's a definitive sensation and you might even have a, you may get a visual image of what you called, I think like a, like what you called it a band, but like a disc.

that's that's. That's now lighting up that wasn't lit up beforehand. And so these just continue to expand as you just [00:33:00] basically are cleaning all the shocker systems out of, and each one of them is like a, is like an onion. Mm-hmm. So there's layers in there, and when the whole, all the stacks of the layers are,are unblocked, then that particular sh it's, if you could feel like a bliss vibe that goes straight into that chakra.

Hmm. Yeah. And it's oh. Yeah. And those are the real moments when you hit the, the real deep breakthrough and you can just feel, Yeah. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. What about, I don't know if there was any other symptoms that you wanna talk about? did you experience any sounds or any or maybe not even just with that first one, but in subsequent where you're getting tones in your ears, the ringing of the ears.

Michael Massey: Yeah, totally. tones, and this is one of those things where, [00:34:00] there's tinnitus, I know that a lot of people have tinnitus, as I can't be in your head to know exactly what that is for you, but. but yeah, so all of a sudden there's like tinnitus and that was really predominant during the awakening kind of thing.

And until I started to make sense again, dropping resistance to these things. And I noticed that certain tones that would be annoying or something, but if I just paid attention to it and kinda listened to the tone, then I noticed it would, it's like it was just a signal that my brain was trying to receive.

And as soon as I just let it, then the brain would actually just harmonize with it and then the tone would go away. Mm-hmm. And I was like, oh, that's interesting. And then I started to notice that those tended to actually correlate. As soon as I would notice and integrate that tone, it would create a subtle shift in my inner energy body.

I was like, oh, something's going on here. And I, again, I dropped [00:35:00] resistance to the tones. I'm like, okay, these are just incoming. Incoming connections, that are part of my own energy field and I'm just, I'm just reconnecting parts of my myself. 

Kara Goodwin: yeah. I've perceived in really relaxed states as well cuz I hear a lot of tones and even when I don't have tones, there's always like a ringing in my ears.

And I have noticed when I'm really relaxed and I'm in a lot of awareness and kind of hyper aware, that I can for one thing through where I'm paying attention in my brain, like where I'm sending my awareness, it changes the tones. So if I'm paying attention higher up in my brain, then the sound is, has a higher pitch to it.

And that there are like layers within it so I can listen to it, different things, and [00:36:00] then I'm like, oh, I think there's some sort of beyond cognitive communication that's, or available through it. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But also it seems that it's a, it's a manifestation of a stream of energy that I am that's running through the center of my body where it's it's actually a se me sensing and through my sound, the stream of energy, the stream of consciousness that is in my body that's coming from beyond and coming through my crown and into the center of my, through my like central channel or whatever we wanna call that.

part of the tural field, the inner inside of the Tural field, um, it's like, oh, I think that this is actually sensing the passing of that continuous stream of energy. And like you say, like kind of changing the relationship of it. Because I can [00:37:00] easily say, oh, I have tinnitus. Cause I constantly can tune into a ringing in my ears and it's so I could do that.

But for me it's like, oh, I think there, I think that this is something like that is being perceived, that is like my spirit, my soul. Like it's a way to perceive a, it's like a manifestation of that through, through that sense of sound. That's more fun for me. That's way more fun. To think oh man, this is me actually experiencing my spirit, my soul, rather than, oh my goodness, this ringing is never gonna stop.

Michael Massey: Yeah. That's what we call rolling with the punches, right? Mm-hmm.but, and that's a very helpful like thing to do because throughout the whole spiritual awakening process is that you gonna encounter these points where you maybe you're up against a wall, [00:38:00] you're pushing against something, and if it's, if you're not able to, to, to budge, okay?

Or if and you're not able to clear that whatever obstacle or, in this case, you're not able to dis dissipate, Or get rid of the tinnitus. If you look at it as that, as something that's wrong, is to simply just let go of all resistance and see what happens. Yeah. Yeah. and you go, okay, whatever.

I'm just gonna accept it. I'm gonna flow with it and we'll just see what happens. And that's a little bit, it's a step of faith cuz you're like, cause in a sense you're like, okay, if that's a something harmful, I'm just letting it have access to me. But it's really what you're doing is you're putting your trust and faith in, in, uh, process.

Mm-hmm. And, yeah. And then you go, okay, this, something that's happening is great. It [00:39:00] to me is greater than I, that which I'm aware. And I have, at the end of the day, I'm not gonna understand it as I go through it. I will understand it later. And it'll make perfect sense. Right? And I just have to trust this cause I certainly can't stop what's happening.

Mm-hmm. So I fight it or just flow with it. I recommend flow with it. 

Kara Goodwin: Well, and you and yeah, you bring up a great point too about the, I may not understand it and I think that, especially traditional human experience, traditional human consciousness wants everything to fit into a box. And we want to be able to say, this is what this is.

Yeah. It is this and it is not that. and and we want, so for example, we take the [00:40:00] tinnitus, we take the. We take the tones. Let's say that we do what you said, where it's okay, I'm just gonna, I'm gonna feel into this. I'm gonna lean into it and my brain is gonna harmonize, my brain is going to accept this and it's going to integrate it.

And so traditional human consciousness is gonna go, okay, and then what? so what? So you do that and then you understand exactly why that tone came in. You get some new knowledge, you get some new understanding. And I, my experience with various ascension symptoms is that it does not work that way. something may come in, I may get a tone.

It may be very, very strong. And using tones as an example. It could be something else. Could be seeing symbols, it could be feeling my chakra is vibrating. It could be a surge of energy, whatever it might be. But, and then, there [00:41:00] might be this expectation of, okay, now I can solve this problem in my life.

I understand this thing. I can speak to dead people, I can heal people, I can whatever. We think there's gonna be an effect. That was very, very clear in the material world, in our lifestream, in our life experience. what say you,

how does it work? What do we get? How does it, how has it worked for you? when you get these types of things and you feel like they're integrating and you're kind of like, okay, I did the work. I integrated, I listened to the tone, I let it move through my brain. Is it then like, boom, I now know exactly what that was, or I have some sort of in-depth knowledge of what I just went through.

Michael Massey: but I've, what I've tended for me,

I would, I began to [00:42:00] recognize, let's say, what the process of receiving an upgrade was like. And so as things have gone by, I'm a lot more familiar with the signs of what's going on. and you probably through our interactions over the last few years, you could probably recognize some of this, where like a time will come up and I'll be like, okay, there's, something's coming up.

Mm-hmm. And I can begin to feel like there's a quickening. And so there's an overall yeah, it's like the ambient field is starting to charge up and i'll, and get thicker kind of Yeah. More, more palpable mm-hmm. With energy. And so I'm like, okay, something's coming. And not unlike the kind of, the sensation you might experience on a, a thunder, one of the big old lightning storms when it's rolling in and there's an electricity in the [00:43:00] air.

Mm-hmm. Okay. So that's, and I get pretty excited. Generally I'm like, oh, you know it, I'll, it's coming in. It's coming in. Yep. Right. Uhhuh and Then there's the arrival point, which is definitely experienced as a surge. And I just, in the moment, I just, I just capture the surge.

I don't worry too much about trying to

unpack it. Mm-hmm.and as it comes in, I'll be usually given a, by this stage anyways, I'll have a some point in there, I'll have a flash vision of what the package that has arrived is about. But it doesn't, the vision that I get is, I can't even put words to rarely because it's,

it's a higher dimensional's. Too many. I just can't Put it into words and that's okay. But it has the specific signature to it [00:44:00] and so like the quality of it is known. There's a beauty to it that's known, and this is how it works again, it's how it works for me now.

and then what happens is in the ensuing

and maybe, it could be a few days to, a few weeks, to even a few months that'll unpack. And every time something of that kind of unpacks in my awareness, it still has the signature of that kind of event. And so I, then I begin to connect the dots. Oh, this is the integration of that.

Peace. Peace that came in. Yeah. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. I love that. and that's one of the things that I wanna emphasize is that through the sort of opening as we continue to expand, as we continue to experience things and we're getting more, parts of ourselves that are be, that are [00:45:00] joining this human experience.

and because I know I have been like this for sure on my journey and I get a lot of questions that from people who have a similar my frame of reference where it just is what is this that's happening and what is it not? and like wanting a definition, wanting to again, put it in a box and, and under and wanting to have clear answers that are, it is this and it's not that.

and it's just, it's so layered. So many things that we're experiencing are happening. There are layers to it. There are layers that will be obvious to us that we can accept. There are things that are happening that are true, but they're beyond what we're able to understand or pick up on or are ready to accept.

and it's just this I just wanna encourage [00:46:00] listeners to allow there to be mystery. Except that it's not necessarily always gonna be something that's gonna have a black and white answer. and the further I go, the less black and white. Everything is, it's just, there's not, it's just not, it's, there's just no, there aren't clear boundaries with these types of things.

It's yeah, something can be a Kundalini awakening, and at that time you may also be getting a. Soul parts of yourselves that have not been part of this human experience that are dropping in and integrating. And you might be moving to another band of frequency that is new for you, that is related to an access of an, a dimension that you didn't have access to that's related to an [00:47:00] expansion.

If when you talk about the onion and that we've got these layers, it's like you can be expanding into a new layer that wasn't active and it could be a galactic, type of interaction where you're getting, a frequency from your team. You're getting like, integr, like a harmonization type of thing.

There's so much that it can be. And it doesn't mean that because it's one thing that it's not the other things. and it's just being like, there's ju it's such a vast universe and there's so much happening and we're not always ready to consider some of the things that it could be.

it could totally freak somebody out to be like, wait, galactic, what? I've got galactic beings inter, interfering, quote unquote, but helping you. that may be just not, you're not ready for that, and that's okay. But [00:48:00] anyway, I don't know what my point was, but it's just, it's everything 

Michael Massey: That's a good point. And this is one of the things, it's like the fail safe. And I'll tell you, this is like a little secret hack because I know that ultimately, all right, if you gather together, ev all, it's everything all together into one place, it's awesome. So one of things like as I be like, when you're trying to figure out what to trust or what not to trust, and whenever I'm interacting with various different energies, I always know that if something were to come in that would overwhelm me or try to take over something like that.

All I have to do is invite the rest of the universe. Mm mm-hmm. Because once everything gets in there, trust me, everything, all, everything is put into order. And that's one of the things, there's nothing that's intrinsically [00:49:00] wrong on itself, but the order of things does matter. As any cook or any musician or anyone doing any task knows that order does matter in the assembly of things.

So one of the cool things is when the whole, when all that is comes together, it auto orients itself into the proper order. That's what we call, that's the divine. And so I understand that it is you can look, you can take on all these kinds of energies. Don't be afraid.

Cause all you, you don't, all you have to do is if you put too much,if you put too much pepper in your soup, there's ways to actually, you can dilute the soup. Mm-hmm. So you know, until you reach the right pepper content. So there, there's that. And so you said the key operator there and I remember how many.

If we were to put down a list of how many questions did you ask me? [00:50:00] Which said you were you saying, is it this or is it that? And my answer was yes. Yes. 

Kara Goodwin: Yeah. A gazillion 

Michael Massey: that's a pretty long, it was a pretty big number. Yeah. Ga 

Kara Goodwin: gazillion. Yeah, gazillion. I don't even know how many zeros a gazillion has, but it's gotta be a lot.

Michael Massey: Yeah. And so that's funny. and as the,as we move from, say a 3D oriented consciousness up to call it a 5G consciousness. That's one of the things we're actually moving from a more, from a linear finite type of thinking, to a multi-dimensional view. And you go, oh, okay. Wow.

E everything that happens has, this, has multiple layers to it. There's, we, you and I are sitting here talking on this podcast, but we also have other aspects of, of ourself up to where we have soul level, where [00:51:00] there's soul level. There's contracts that are established at a sole level, and then there are contracts and interactions that are occur at a galactic level, on a planetary level, again, like kind of layers of this onion.

And this is multi-dimensional reality. So all of events that are occurring actually cross through. It's a singular event that's poking through all those different layers so that, such that every encounter that we have, if we're cognizant of it, has all these different layers to it. So it's not this or that or that it's, and it's this and this and this and this.

It's all happening. 

Kara Goodwin: Hmm. Yeah. I love that. This has been so fun and that's been fun. Yeah, this is awesome. You know what, I think, anybody who's listening this conversation very easily could have sparked like lots of questions. So feel free to send an [00:52:00] email. What I would love to do is have a follow up.

to this where people have asked their own questions with things that have been triggered. my email address is just cara kara goodwin.com and I spell Cara with a K. So cara kara goodwin.dot com. Send me your questions that have been sparked that we haven't touched on here, and then we can do a follow up and specifically tune into things that, people have been prompted to ask.

How's that sound? 

Michael Massey: Sounds good. yeah, because we did not cover 

Kara Goodwin: it all. I know, right? But I think that I do get the strong sense this is a good place rather than to keep letting the fire hose, cuz I think we've given a lot for people to think about and consider. this will be a good place to stop and then we can address specific things that come from it.

Awesome. thank you so much Michael. This has really been Oh, thank you. [00:53:00] So 

Michael Massey: wonderful. thank you for having me and good luck and God bless all you out there who are going through it. 

Kara Goodwin: Absolutely. Thank you.