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Podcast from the Heart

Kara is leading heartfelt conversations with practical takeaways for her audience. A beautifully produced conversation crafted with great care and worthy of not just one listen but multiple reviews!

So much great info!

Kara covers so many interesting topics and offers great insight into how to incorporate meditation into one's life. She also brings on interesting guests. Her interview style is warm and accesible. I appreciate the way she explains complicated topics so that her listeners can access the wisdom therein. Thank you, Kara!

Kara Rocks!

Kara is an inspiring host who created a wonderfully spontaneous flow to our fantastic conversations where we dove into so many topics that assist people in achieving their full potential. I’d write much more but every time I do, it disappears. 100 STARS Kara!

Check it out

Kara curates incredible guests and provides thoughtful and thought provoking conversation. There’s a lot of value here.


Beautiful conversations with beautiful souls!

Highly recommend

Kara is incredibly inspirational and, at the same time, down to earth. Listening to her show will help clarify any questions you have about the power of meditation and how easy it can be to achieve amazing results.

Excellent podcast host!

We had a really good interview. Kara was professional, timely, and asked excellent questions. I really enjoyed our conversation. ✨

Hosts asks great questions!

Host made me feel very comfortable. She asked great questions that will best help her community.

Pure joy

I have learned so much listening to Kara’s podcast. She asks brilliant questions and has guests that are truly sharing their light with us. Micheal is mesmerizing and his mind intrigues me in every episode. The wisdom between the two of them and the energy that is shared is undeniable. This is the light our world needs. And so it is💗 I also want to say thank you for this amazing work you are doing.

Insightful and Informative

Kara brings together an eclectic group of spiritual teachers, I experience aha moments in each of her interviews.

So Good!

I love meditation and it’s really good at interviewing! And relaxing!

Love this!

I have really enjoyed listening to a few episodes already of this thoughtfully produced show. I can easily fit in the episodes between errands in the car or while making dinner. It’s cool to hear about their journeys and how they came to meditation and fitting it into their daily lives. Congrats on launching your show - hope it leads to even more fulfillment and enlightenment not only for you but the listeners!