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March 16, 2023

247. Stop Suffering: A Healing Journey - Terri Yuzon

Are you struggling to find natural solutions to heal and prevent chronic illness? Have you been relying on conventional methods but aren't seeing the results you need?  Discover the potential of hemp and CBD to provide natural healing and...

Are you struggling to find natural solutions to heal and prevent chronic illness? Have you been relying on conventional methods but aren't seeing the results you need?  Discover the potential of hemp and CBD to provide natural healing and prevention solutions.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Hemp and CBD offer potential natural solutions for managing and preventing chronic illnesses.

  • Hemp-based products can provide legal, therapeutic benefits for hormone imbalance.

  • Hemplily products provide a range of natural solutions for healing and prevention.

  • Hemp and CBD may offer a variety of therapeutic benefits for those suffering from chronic illness.

My special guest is Terri Yuzon.

Terri is the founder and CEO of Hemplily, helping others understand the benefits of hemp products for their health.



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Hello and welcome to The Meditation Conversation, the podcast to support your spiritual revolution. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin. Hemp Lilly's CEO and founder Terri Yuzon had fibromyalgia and refused to believe that Taking prescriptions for the rest of her Life was the only answer. She understood that one of the body's main jobs is to heal itself. So along her journey to restore her health, she discovered that cannabis was the answer for so many with chronic illness. She left her corporate life, and Hemp Lily was created to share her healing discoveries with others. Her wellness brand focuses on helping with women with symptoms of hormone imbalance, from menstruation to menopause and more. So welcome, Terri.
Kara Goodwin 00:02:09
I'm so happy to be connected with you today.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:12
Thank you, Kara. I'm glad to be here.


Kara Goodwin 00:02:14
So, can you share with us about your health journey and how it led you to founding Hemp Lily?


Terri Yuzon 00:02:21
Sure. In my thirty s, I started not feeling well all the time.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:26
Pure utter exhaustion.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:28
Achy wasn't sure what it was, and.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:31
No doctors were helping. I went to various different doctors. They didn't know what was wrong with me either. So after six or so doctors, they gave me the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Okay, what is that? That was kind of scary.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:45
20 years ago, not many people had it. Not many people knew about it. A lot more people know about it today.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:51
And almost all of us know somebody who has it.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:54
But why? They don't answer the why for you.


Terri Yuzon 00:02:58
So now I know that it was probably because when I was young, we ate a lot of candy. Tons of candy. We ate whatever we wanted.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:05
We didn't know there was any repercussions for not eating well.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:09
And then in college, you're on a.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:11
Budget, you eat tons of spaghetti and pizza, noodles and pasta. Ramen.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:15


Terri Yuzon 00:03:16


Kara Goodwin 00:03:17


Terri Yuzon 00:03:18
Those habits continued until my early 30s.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:21
When it really caught up with me.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:22
And I just wasn't feeling well. And I definitely noticed it when I.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:26
Would eat pasta especially.


Kara Goodwin 00:03:28
Oh, really?


Terri Yuzon 00:03:29
Then 15 minutes, my whole body would ache and I just had to lay down. I was so exhausted.


Kara Goodwin 00:03:34
And did you make that connection before the diagnosis?


Terri Yuzon 00:03:38


Speaker C 00:03:39


Terri Yuzon 00:03:40
No, it was after because I didn't want to be on prescriptions.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:44
I'm like, I'm going to start listening to my body and I'm going to.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:46
Start figuring out how to get to the root of this. Because doctors don't usually tell us the why. You just want to diagnose and give.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:53
You a prescription that you may or may not stay on for the rest of your life.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:56
So that's not helping us get better. Right, right.


Terri Yuzon 00:03:59
But yeah, I definitely nailed it down.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:01
To wheat products being one of the main things.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:05
So it's not our ancestors wheat. It's genetically modified.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:08
It sprayed with glyphosate, which is a neurotoxin. Why are we putting this into our bodies?


Speaker C 00:04:13


Terri Yuzon 00:04:13
Other countries have banned glyphosate and GMOs, but the US. Monsanto, we still have it.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:19
So I also learned how to eat organic. I had to detox.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:23
I had to eat organic.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:24
I had to learn to cook and.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:26
Eat real food and avoid processed foods, get rid of toxins in my everyday life from fluoride and toothpaste, aluminum and deodorant, get cleaner laundry detergents, just everything.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:37
Like that to really detox.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:38
And after a year of doing that.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:40
I started to feel better.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:41
But I continued my research on what is fibromyalgia, why do I have it, and what can we find for relief. And one of the main things was.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:51
That cannabis was giving sufferers relief from their pain. One of the few things that actually.


Terri Yuzon 00:04:58
Worked for them was cannabis. So I found that intriguing. And I was like, well, that's great.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:03
I sure hope people who want that as a solution or help for their issues can get access to it. I was pro, hoping it would become legal. It wasn't for me at the time.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:16
I'm like, that's great, but I'm not going to do it because it's illegal. I'm in corporate.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:20
I could get drug tested.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:21
I don't want to smoke it.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:22
I don't know anybody in those circles.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:25
But I was pro for anybody who wanted to have it.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:28
So I followed the cannabis progress for many years as a very good supplement to feeling better.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:36
And it wasn't until 2017 that I found out hemp has a lot of.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:41
The same medicinal benefits as cannabis, and it's legal.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:46
And I was like, wait, is that.


Terri Yuzon 00:05:48
What I saw at the grocery store? I saw a bottle of nutiva hemp oil. So I ran out and got one of those, brought it home, tasted it. It's awful tasting, but it's very nutritional. And I didn't feel any better. So I found out after that it's because it's seeds.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:01
Hemp seeds are not medicinal.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:04
They're nutritional, highly nutritional, but they're not going to give you medicinal benefits. It's the adult plant extract leaves, and even more so, the buds or the.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:14
Flower of the plant. So I found a cannabis attorney and.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:18
Said, I want to start helping other people try this product.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:22
I want to share with them the knowledge.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:24
That my experience of what I feel.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:28
Like I got over fibromyalgia because I.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:30
Fixed my diet and detoxed.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:32
Now I know that I feel fibromyalgia. I feel achy and tired when I eat wheat. If I don't eat wheat, I don't.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:38
Feel that way, right?


Terri Yuzon 00:06:39
So I just totally eliminated that diagnosis and told my doctors to stop saying I have fibromyalgia because I have it under control.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:47
But the attorney helped me get hempily started in 2017 so I could start.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:52
Sharing the knowledge with others and helping.


Terri Yuzon 00:06:54
Them feel better, because we can help them feel better oftentimes really quickly, like that same day. Sometimes when they're in front of us at the store, we can start giving them some relief just by a sample.


Terri Yuzon 00:07:06
Left though hempily was born.


Terri Yuzon 00:07:08
That's amazing.


Kara Goodwin 00:07:09
So you were saying you tried the one that had the seed that was from the seed, and then how did you get from there to so you must have tried was it an oil that was from the bud?


Terri Yuzon 00:07:24
Yeah, I found the research is that.


Terri Yuzon 00:07:27
You'Re not going to get it at the grocery store because that's not medicinal. So I found a manufacturer. I tried myself and then found a manufacturer. I debated joining an MLM. There was an MLM, multi level marketing company that was just coming on the scene selling hemp products back in the day. But I researched, should I join an MLM or can I do this better on my own?


Terri Yuzon 00:07:51
And from everything I was seeing, I.


Terri Yuzon 00:07:53
Could do it better on my own.


Terri Yuzon 00:07:54
And offer prices at much more reasonable prices for the products.


Speaker C 00:08:00


Kara Goodwin 00:08:01
And so what was that like for you when you started taking the stuff that really did turn the dial for you? You said that a lot of your clients can feel a difference right away. Was it a right away thing? I'm curious about, like a cumulative effect. How does that work?


Terri Yuzon 00:08:22
It can be right away.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:24
So we love giving free samples to.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:26
People in person for me, because I'd already nailed down what my root issues were and already felt better. The the hemp extract, the adult plant, which is CBD. CBD is the primary ingredient, and that's.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:40
The key word that most people are familiar with.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:42
It gave me calm and balance, like.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:44
If I'm feeling anxious or stressed or grouchy or angry.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:49
That's why I take it now primarily.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:51
Is to keep my mood level.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:53
And also you can take it for.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:54
Great sleep at night. I do that as well, but sorry.


Speaker C 00:08:57
I got off track there.


Terri Yuzon 00:08:58
That's what it was helping me. But you're saying as far as demonstrating how fast it is yes, for some.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:06
People, no, because we have to figure out what the right amount is for you.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:10
Is it more, is it less? Generally, the average dose or average milligrams.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:14
For an adult with mild symptoms is.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:16
Between 15 and 20 milligrams of CBD. So I will give that to the person.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:21
We did a lot of vendor events.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:23
In the beginning, and we still do.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:24
Some vendor events, so we can let.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:25
People try it in person. We say, Here, take this, put the.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:29
Oil under your tongue, hold it for.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:30
30 seconds before you swallow, then walk.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:33
Around, see how you feel.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:34
There's no obligation, let's just try it out. And they would they'd walk away, go see some other booths, come back and say, I feel amazing.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:43
Wow. If we're close to the right amount.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:45
For them, they should get benefits in the first survey.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:50
And then topicals are even easier.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:52
Topicals are straightforward. You don't really have to worry about.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:54
How much, you just apply it. And if you don't feel relief in.


Terri Yuzon 00:09:57
60 seconds, or less with our products can be anywhere from instant to 60 seconds. If you don't feel the relief you need in that time period that quickly, we would recommend a stronger product or.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:09
Not recommend you buy it at all because it's not a cumulative effect.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:13
For some people it can be, but.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:15
For the most part it's not. Whether your body needs it or not. Are you getting the right amount for you?


Terri Yuzon 00:10:21
Most people do feel a pretty quick response from it.


Speaker C 00:10:25


Kara Goodwin 00:10:26
And then what about the cumulative part to it? Do you get more healing as you stay on a regimen with it?


Terri Yuzon 00:10:37
Not necessarily.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:38
I mean, we recommend that you take it daily. You can take it as needed if you want, but you take it daily.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:43
Just as a preventative and reducing inflammation.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:47
And keeping your mind and body balanced. But it's not that it works better over time.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:51
Okay, but some people may have that experience and it's likely because they were taking too low of a dose initially.


Terri Yuzon 00:10:58
And it just took a while for.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:00
The body to figure out what to do with that low dose. But again, if you get the right amount, it should be a pretty immediate response. You don't need to build up over.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:07
Time now because it is a natural.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:09
Product, some people will say, it's not working for me anymore, it worked great.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:13
For months and now I'm just not.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:14
Really noticing the effects.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:16
You'll either want to adjust the dose.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:18
Maybe reduce it half as much, maybe double it up, something like that, or you can give it a break just to give your body a break. It is a natural product and some.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:27
People do experience that and then start.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:29
It up later and you'll get benefits again.


Kara Goodwin 00:11:31
Is that to do with a build up of resistance?


Terri Yuzon 00:11:35
Yeah, we can call it that. Okay, so like other herbs and stuff that we take will off and say, it used to work for me and now it doesn't anymore.


Kara Goodwin 00:11:46
All right.


Terri Yuzon 00:11:47
Okay, so you can but not a lot of people report that.


Speaker C 00:11:51
Okay, interesting.


Kara Goodwin 00:11:53
Now I've got a total rookie question for you, but I'm really happy to have you as a resource so that I can ask this because I actually really enjoy CBD. I don't take it all the time, but I am familiar with it. I have taken it and I take it, let's say, regularly, but I really.


Terri Yuzon 00:12:14
Don'T even know the difference.


Kara Goodwin 00:12:17
Like CBD in relation to THC and marijuana. Can you dissect that a little bit? Because you mentioned your own kind of reservations and hesitancy without judging, if you want to take THC or marijuana or whatever, that's completely fine, but I don't tend to, you know, partake of that. But I am like, I'll take Cbds. So tell tell us a little bit about that.


Speaker C 00:12:46


Terri Yuzon 00:12:46
That's a great question.


Terri Yuzon 00:12:48
When I was in my 30s again and finding out that cannabis was helping.


Terri Yuzon 00:12:52
I thought the only way to consume it was smoking it. Smoking wasn't for me.


Terri Yuzon 00:12:57
Well, when I found out about the.


Terri Yuzon 00:12:59
Hemp side, you don't have to smoke it, so that's great.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:01
And also in 2017, we started there.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:04
Was the differentiation of that doesn't get you high.


Speaker C 00:13:08


Terri Yuzon 00:13:10
The plant on its own has just.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:12
A trace amount of THC.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:13
So marijuana is primarily THC. That's intoxicating and medicinal and minor cannabinoids, like CBD, Cbg, things like that. And marijuana sorry, that's marijuana, primarily THC. Hemp was the opposite. It was primarily CBD, medicinal, but not intoxicating, and only trace amounts of those trace amount of THC and other minor cannabinoids. So we'd say hemp won't get you high.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:37
That line has become blurred.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:39
Now, the law is pretty clear that if you have THC .3 or less, it's called hemp. If you have 0.3 or more, it's called marijuana.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:51
And nowadays, we even have hemp products.


Terri Yuzon 00:13:57
That are intoxicating, have high amounts of THC, because we figured out it's by dry weight, even a recreational dispensary gummy, that's ten milligrams.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:10
We can get that in hemp.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:11
And it's still legal.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:13
It's the math.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:14
It's still legal. So we can no longer say, oh, it's hemp, you won't get high. We used to say that. We can't anymore. So you have to be careful what you're taking.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:23
If somebody just says it's hemp now.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:25
Maybe they say it's CBD.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:28
You still may or may not know how much THC is in that plant.


Speaker C 00:14:32
Is it?


Terri Yuzon 00:14:32
Half CBD. Is it half THC? So you have to know what you're consuming. Read the labels, understand it, call us. If you don't understand it, find somebody.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:41
Who does understand it.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:42
It's just not straightforward anymore. So some people like the medicinal effect with the intoxicating.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:48
I'm very sensitive myself, so I can only tolerate very low levels of THC.


Terri Yuzon 00:14:54
So you got to make sure you get the right one for you.


Kara Goodwin 00:14:56
That's fascinating. So does that apply even in states where it's not legal? I know you're in North Carolina. I don't know if it's legal there. It's not in Indiana.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:06
So we don't even have medical. But delta eight came on the market first, and we're one of the more lenient on delta eight, which is a.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:15
More subtle form of marijuana's. Delta nine, it's intoxicating.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:19
And now we just do full on delta nine, because the law, the way.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:24
It'S written, it is fully legal. I mean, the quick math is a five gram gummy. The average gummy size in cannabis is about 5 grams, which is 5000 milligrams. Ten milligrams of delta nine THC, which.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:39
Is often the legal limit, even in legal states.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:43
Ten milligrams divided by over 5000 milligrams.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:47
It'S way below the 0.3% limit. So we're kind of like, why aren't.


Terri Yuzon 00:15:52
We doing this in the first place? It's legal. So the legalization of hemp legalized cannabis in a way.


Kara Goodwin 00:16:01


Terri Yuzon 00:16:02
Kind of an upheaval about that, because if you're on the marijuana side, it's very expensive to get a license just to apply. It can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, really, to get a license to operate. And the government takes a big chunk of your profits. So some people have left marijuana to.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:18
Go to the hemp side where we don't have regulations.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:21
So yes, we can sell more freely and such, but without regulations, we also don't have safety. We have a lot of bad players in the market.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:30
So you really want to get a.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:33
Referral from somebody you trust on a safe product or just buy from somebody that you know is a quality brand.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:39
Don't buy them from late night TV. My brand has actually been caught up in that, where some late night they'll.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:45
Say, keanu Reeves gummies, CBD gummies, or Kara ingram or reba McIntyre has a CBD brand.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:53
They're lying. They're lying.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:55
In all those cases, CBD has never been on shark tank either.


Terri Yuzon 00:16:58
People fall for that one all the time.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:00
There's scammers that will say whatever it.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:01
Takes to make you think, wow, this.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:03
Must be a really important brand. And unfortunately, a lot of it is just not true. So it is still the wild west out there, and it seems to be getting more crazy instead of less crazy until we get those regulations. Wow, that's really, definitely was caught up.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:19
In that because one of these fly.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:20
By night businesses were putting our name on their bank statement for their credit card processor. So when people get their bill, they.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:28
Thought they bought one bottle of gummies, they got charged for $200. They're calling me angry because I'm showing up on their bank statement.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:34
So that's just an example of how the industry is just kind of crazy right now. So we welcome regulation to it. Hempoli is then dotting our eyes, crossing our t's, trying to stay above as board as possible as we think regulations are going to come down.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:49
And we hope that once they do.


Terri Yuzon 00:17:51
That, it weeds out the bad guys and we can rise above and hopefully not be overcuffed outright.


Kara Goodwin 00:17:58
Yeah, yeah, that's fascinating.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:01
Well, can you talk a little bit.


Kara Goodwin 00:18:02
About hemp and balancing hormones? How does that play in?


Speaker C 00:18:07


Terri Yuzon 00:18:08
So this is not something we knew.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:10
About when we started.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:11
I mean, people in the industry as.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:12
A whole didn't know about its role.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:14
In balancing hormones, but women were coming into my store over the last five.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:20
Years saying, Terri, I don't have hot flashes anymore.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:22
I don't have my night sweats anymore.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:23
And those symptoms related to menopause and perimenopause.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:27
And I was like, that's really interesting.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:28
I wasn't aware of that effect. So I looked into it and I'm like, yeah, this makes sense because we.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:34
All have an endocannabinoid system.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:36
It's a master system regulator. It's the umbrella over all of our other body regulating systems, like our immune.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:42
System and our endocrine system, which is our hormones. So it seeks to balance, seeks to.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:47
Create homeostasis in your body for whatever.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:50
Is out of whack for youth, and.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:54
That includes hormones and primarily cortisol. Cortisol causes us to have so many.


Terri Yuzon 00:18:58
Of our uncomfortable symptoms going into menopause. I'm 51.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:02
I'm perimenopause as well, so I've experienced them. So I take my products estrogen wanes. Cortisol takes over, gives us our stress and anxiety and temperature imbalances and stuff.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:12
So taking a hemp or a cannabis product can balance your hormones?


Terri Yuzon 00:19:17
For some people it will, for some people it won't.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:19
But that's why we have a money back guarantee, and we help people try.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:23
To figure out what products right for them, how much to take, how often to take it, that kind of thing.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:28
We walk through it because it's not always straightforward, and if it isn't working.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:33
For you and the symptoms you need, we'll just give you your money back. But because a lot of people don't realize, a lot of brands in the cannabis industry, they don't realize how it's.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:41
Helping women, we decided to focus in on that and get that word out again. It's like, hey, here's something else new.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:47
And exciting that you haven't tried. This goes great with hormone replacement therapy. If you're on hormone replacement, you can take this product.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:53
If you're hesitant or didn't like the.


Terri Yuzon 00:19:55
Effects of hormone replacement therapy, we recommend trying this. They go great together, and it can be just an alternative for you as well.


Kara Goodwin 00:20:04
That's amazing. I was just talking with a friend of mine yesterday who is having kind of pre I guess paramenopause would be kind of pre menopause.


Terri Yuzon 00:20:12
It is pre menopause, yes.


Kara Goodwin 00:20:14
Yeah. So she's experiencing some of those effects and she's like, it is incredible. My body is just changing so rapidly. All of these different things are happening all at once. And she is careful about what she eats and she works out and she's conscientious about her lifestyle, and she's still like, it's just one thing after another. So I can't wait to tell her about this because I don't think it's on her radar.


Terri Yuzon 00:20:46
So even a basic hemp product is going to help balance your hormones.


Terri Yuzon 00:20:50
But we went ahead and created something.


Terri Yuzon 00:20:52
A little more unique. We took our basic tincture oil formula.


Terri Yuzon 00:20:56
And added ashwaganda and reishi mushroom, which are already two herbs and adaptogenics that.


Terri Yuzon 00:21:01
Are known to help symptoms of menopause. And the great thing is CBD enhances the absorption and enhances the effects of everything it's taken with. So you don't need much astrogon and ratio mushroom. But we've added those, and it's a triple synergistic punch to knock out those symptoms.


Kara Goodwin 00:21:20
That's incredible.


Terri Yuzon 00:21:21
I know.


Kara Goodwin 00:21:21
Ashwaganda is great for thyroid issues, too, and so many people, I feel like, have thyroid issues also. So it's another key benefit.


Terri Yuzon 00:21:31
Hormones are, like, coming to the forefront.


Terri Yuzon 00:21:33
Now for everyone, including men. And our products are great for men, too. We're just hoping to educate women. That's our big push. It helps men too, because men have.


Terri Yuzon 00:21:41
Hormones all the same. And it's not just hormones, it's daily stress, daily discomfort, post workout pain, but a lot of different ways.


Kara Goodwin 00:21:52
How does hormone changes? How do those show up for men?


Terri Yuzon 00:21:57
Not too familiar with men's hormones, but I can tell you a customer of.


Terri Yuzon 00:22:03
Mine who was having hot flashes and.


Terri Yuzon 00:22:05
Night sweats shared it with her husband. Men who go through chemotherapy often experience.


Terri Yuzon 00:22:12
Symptoms like a menopause.


Kara Goodwin 00:22:14
No kidding.


Speaker C 00:22:16


Terri Yuzon 00:22:16
And they also go through a phase of life, anglo PAP.


Kara Goodwin 00:22:20
Really? I haven't heard of that.


Terri Yuzon 00:22:23
It can also be called Adrenal pause. This is related to our Adrenals and.


Terri Yuzon 00:22:27
Cortisol and all that hormones all mixed in.


Terri Yuzon 00:22:30
But men can often experience menopausal like symptoms, especially if they've gone through chemotherapy.


Kara Goodwin 00:22:38
I didn't know that.


Speaker C 00:22:39


Terri Yuzon 00:22:40
Helpful with that as well. That's amazing.


Kara Goodwin 00:22:44
And I know in my research, I also saw that there's a bit of a focus on pets. You talk a little bit about how do you guys have products for pets and how does that help?


Terri Yuzon 00:22:55
But they're not on our website because our website looks to focus on women's issues and hormones and such. So we do carry pets, but people would have to call us for that.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:06
Animals have an endocannabinoid system just like.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:09
We do, and they get the same benefits as we do.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:12
So they get relief from pain and discomfort.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:15
We know a lot of our animals have stress and anxiety, whether it's travel, thunderstorms, people coming over, a new pet introduced to the family. I love it when rescues, animal rescues can take CBD and give it and.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:27
Just help them with mind and body.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:29
Balance in the transition because they're so stressed out. Poor things.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:33
We have them in treats and in oil form.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:35
The oil is just the human grade.


Terri Yuzon 00:23:39
Oil and natural flavor, which most dogs love.


Speaker C 00:23:43


Kara Goodwin 00:23:43
Oh, really?


Terri Yuzon 00:23:44
Just is labeled with the appropriate dosage and caveats for pet strand.


Kara Goodwin 00:23:53
Okay, I'm checking that out because I have a rescue dog. We got her in 2019 and 2019. I don't know if you know about this, but in 2020, things just went wild in my world, only in my world, but I call my dog a COVID dog, even though we got her almost a year before COVID started because she's a rescue. And she was already kind of on the cusp of being very anxious. And then COVID happened and her world shrank, and she was like, oh, okay.


Terri Yuzon 00:24:27
It'S just these people.


Kara Goodwin 00:24:28
That's fine. Then it opened back up and she's like, no, nobody get near this.


Terri Yuzon 00:24:35
She was highly affected from it.


Kara Goodwin 00:24:37
Yes. So I am always on the lookout for something that will help her to feel less threatened.


Terri Yuzon 00:24:48
Right? Yeah. Very well could help that. That is an exact example, a good example of what it does help with. So the endocannabinoid system that we all have, most people don't realize that our.


Terri Yuzon 00:25:01
Bodies actually create a small amount of cannabinoids, really, and humans.


Terri Yuzon 00:25:08
And when we're deficient in them, we.


Terri Yuzon 00:25:10
Need to take the phytocannabinoid plant. So cannabis and dents and phytocannabinoids.


Terri Yuzon 00:25:18
So 80 years ago, over 80 years ago, doctors used to have cannabis in their bags because it helped over 100 different ailments and used to give hemp and feed to our cattle. So it was in our food as well. No kidding.


Terri Yuzon 00:25:32
Wood, cotton and Big Pharma did not like this plant that was doing so many amazing things.


Terri Yuzon 00:25:36
It could build houses, it could build cars. It was medicine, clothing. They didn't like that competition, so they created a lot of propaganda around it. That's a whole another story. But our bodies became deficient over the last 80 years where we are used to getting it. So now that it's like a whole new normal and some people even feel a whoosh feeling the first time they take it and they're like, whoa, I need to sit down.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:04
And I'm like it will pass. No, this is very few people, but I'm like, it will pass.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:08
And they sit there and they say, oh, yeah, I feel amazing. What was that? That was great. What's your body going, where have you.


Speaker C 00:26:14
Been all my life?


Kara Goodwin 00:26:15
Wow, that's powerful. So what about children? Is there an age before which you should not take CBD, or is it just across the board?


Terri Yuzon 00:26:27
CBD in general is fine. It's the THC you want to be concerned about. We generally don't want to give THC.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:32
To kids under 18, maybe even 21.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:35
In a CBD product. Ours is full spectrum, which means we leave everything intact, including that trace THC. Some brands offer a broad spectrum where they filtered out the THC.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:47
We believe in full spectrum, so we.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:50
Don'T recommend it for kids, but we know it helps them. It's just there's too little studies to know if even that trace THC is beneficial or harmful.


Terri Yuzon 00:26:58
I'm going to lean towards beneficial. And a lot of parents do give.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:02
It to their children with amazing results. We just want to avoid high doses of THC so it can help with focus and studying the anxiousness. Again, it helps symptoms of autism. Anything that has neurological imbalance, it creates.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:19
Mind and body balance.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:20
So it can be just as beneficial for kids because they're deficient, too.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:24
Just want to make sure you give.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:26
Them the right product.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:27
So people call me and ask about kids.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:28
I usually refer them to another brand.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:30
That is not going to have the.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:32
THC amount in it until we know better for sure.


Speaker C 00:27:36
Okay. Wow.


Kara Goodwin 00:27:38
I mean, this has just been I've learned so much. I'm eating this up.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:43
It is a very complicated world and.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:47
I try to make it simple, but it's just not as simple as we're used to. With prescriptions where we say you're a male or a female and you have this body weight, take it this many times daily. It's not that simple.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:57
So that's why this product doesn't work.


Terri Yuzon 00:27:59
Very well to just pluck it off of a shelf. People are intimidated by it. They don't know what they're getting. So we're here. We're consultation based before, during, and after you purchase money back guarantee, because we know it's not straightforward.


Kara Goodwin 00:28:11
Well, so what is it like to work with Hemp Lily? How do you initiate and what is the whole process like?


Terri Yuzon 00:28:18
Our website, Hemp lily.com, and you just reach out to us through our contact form or email. Hello at Hemp Lily, or you can.


Terri Yuzon 00:28:26
Call us 855246 if you need help picking a product for you. Pretty much every product is going to give you some benefit.


Terri Yuzon 00:28:34
But if you want to tweak it.


Terri Yuzon 00:28:35
And say, well, I prefer more help with energy through the day, or I.


Terri Yuzon 00:28:39
Prefer more help with sleep at night, we'll help you pick one that leans.


Terri Yuzon 00:28:44
Towards what you're looking for. And about two weeks after, two to three weeks after you've ordered a product, we follow up with you because some people just try and say, that didn't work for me.


Terri Yuzon 00:28:57
I don't want them to not like Hemp Lily and feel like they wasted their money.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:00
We're going to follow up with you and see how it's going. We need your feedback if it's positive. We need your feedback if it's negative. We're going to help you adjust the amount you're taking more or less time of day, because how much and how often you take it is up to.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:13
You and how you feel.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:15
It's not the same as your friend who referred you or somebody you've heard that's tried it. Everybody's got to fine tune it for themselves.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:21
So we help you with that, then. It's still not healthy.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:25
You will check in again. Did you get the relief you needed? They're like, no, it's just simply not helping me.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:30
We just hit a button and refund.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:31
You because we're that sure that if you let us help you, it's either going to give you relief right away.


Terri Yuzon 00:29:37
Or we'll help you adjust and then you'll get relief.


Kara Goodwin 00:29:41
Okay, that's amazing. You made me think of one other question, which is about another woman who I know who's been having a lot of trouble sleeping, and she's been trying different things. And one of the things that she's experimenting with right now is magnesium, because that can be so helpful for helping with sleep. But is there anything like that where if she tried CBD, do you need to be worried about any contraindications if you're taking different supplements or anything like that?


Terri Yuzon 00:30:15
Not with supplements. There really isn't. It's really a safe plant.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:19
There's very little risk of harm. It's probably lower risk than most of your over the counter medications. Now, we are not doctors. We don't know your exact medical situation. We know generally some medication, not that they go bad with it, but again.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:34
CBD enhances the effects of everything you take it with.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:37
So you may.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:38
Want to take your CBD 2 hours.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:39
Apart from medications, CBD acts like the blood thinner and a blood pressure reducer. So if you're on those medications, definitely pay attention. Talk to your doctor about it. You may be able to reduce the amount of medication you're taking because you're.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:52
Now supplementing with a hemp product.


Terri Yuzon 00:30:55
So those are some that we know to be true in just about every case. But because we're not doctors and everyone's situation is unique. We're members of an organization called Leaf four one one. They are cannabis trained nurses, so they vetted us to make sure we're quality and transparent to work with them. And they give our customers or potential customers a free session with a cannabis trained nurse, a free consultation.


Terri Yuzon 00:31:25
So anyone who wants to talk about.


Terri Yuzon 00:31:27
Their specific medical situation, their prescriptions and concerns that I can't help because I can talk from which product may be best for you, they will talk more medically.


Terri Yuzon 00:31:38
They can because they're licensed. So people call me and I say, you know what?


Terri Yuzon 00:31:43
This sounds like something that is more medical for a nurse or doctor to talk about. Here's our referral code. You can use that at least for.


Terri Yuzon 00:31:51
One month and get a half hour.


Terri Yuzon 00:31:52
Free consultation with cannabis trained nurse.


Speaker C 00:31:55
That's fantastic.


Kara Goodwin 00:31:58
Well, Terri, this has just been amazing. Thank you so much for sharing all of your insight and bless you on your healing journey. This has just been wonderful. Is there anything else you want to.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:10
Share before we wrap up here? God gave us this amazing plant so we can heal.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:15
He gives us what we need to feel better.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:17
Whether it's cannabis or not. We need to get back to the earth.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:20
We need to get back to listening.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:21
To our own bodies and getting to.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:23
The root cause and not just patching.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:25
It with the prescription. That's not to say all prescriptions are bad.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:29
Sometimes we have to have them.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:30
But too many times, the doctors will.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:32
Give us something and not get to the why. They want money.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:36
They want you on a prescription forever. So just learn to listen to your body and look for natural solutions.


Kara Goodwin 00:32:42
Well said. Thank you so much.


Terri Yuzon 00:32:45
You're very welcome. Thanks for having me. Absolutely.


Terri YuzonProfile Photo

Terri Yuzon

CEO and Founder

Hemplily's CEO and founder, Terri Yuzon HAD fibromyalgia and refused to believe taking prescriptions for the rest of her life was the only answer. One of the body’s main jobs is to heal itself! Along her journey to restore her health, she discovered that cannabis was the answer for so many with chronic illness. She left corporate and Hemplily was created to share this knowledge with others. Her wellness brand focuses on helping women with symptoms of hormone imbalance, from menstruation to menopause and more.