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April 27, 2023

258. Exploring Past Lives & ET Connections - Jenna Layden

After thirty years as an atheist, Jenna Layden's life is forever changed when she receives a divine calling to follow her soul-level connection with extraterrestrial beings and unlock her suppressed memories, leading her on a journey to face deep...

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After thirty years as an atheist, Jenna Layden's life is forever changed when she receives a divine calling to follow her soul-level connection with extraterrestrial beings and unlock her suppressed memories, leading her on a journey to face deep inner turmoil, explore her spiritual abilities and embrace her unexpected destiny.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the hidden depths of spiritual awakening and multidimensional reality for personal transformation.

  • Delve into past life regressions and uncover potential extraterrestrial connections.

  • Experience the power of shamanic practices for personal growth and healing.

  • Incorporate mindfulness and meditation to manage stress and find inner peace.

  • Realize the significance of self-care and shifting your perspective to achieve a balanced life.

Jenna Layden, a former global Vice President for Whole Foods and the founder of Star Family Wisdom, is an inspirational teacher and guide who has spent more than 15 years leading teams and individuals through transformative change. Her experiences with supernatural phenomena and extraterrestrial contact led Jenna to develop a passion for helping others embrace a multidimensional reality without fear. As an experiencer of past lives both on and off Earth, Jenna is now dedicated to sharing lost knowledge and wisdom from the stars with those seeking spiritual growth and expansion.

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00:00:12 Hello and welcome to The Meditation Conversation, the podcast to support your spiritual revolution. I'm your host, Kara Goodwin, and I'm so excited today to be joined by Jenna late lead in. Jenna is the founder of Star Family Wisdom and former global Vice President for Whole Foods, who's been leading teams and individuals through change and transformation for over 15 years. As an experiencer of supernatural phenomenon and et contact, Jenna has developed a passion for helping humans embrace a multidimensional reality without fear. And through her experiences, she began remembering lives off Earth and is now focused on her mission in this life to be a teacher of lost knowledge and wisdom from the stars.


00:01:03 This is such a great discussion where we both share our Star Family experiences, some of which seem to have some interesting overlap. I've gotten to know Jenna pretty well lately as we've been collaborating in various ways, and I can tell you she is truly amazing and genuine in her mission to help others in their spiritual journeys. You're going to get some great insights from what she shares in this episode. And please do check out Starfamilywisdom.com. She's got her podcast and a ton of freebies and some really awesome offerings to help you expand your consciousness and accelerate your ascension.


00:01:41 I'm proud to be partnering with Jenna, and you can find my affiliate link to her offerings in the show notes or on themeditationconversation.com using the sponsors link. And you can use code meditation to get 30% off the Goddess ISIS initiation in Syrian Star Energy Activation seven week course. So check out her stuff. And as always, I kindly ask that you use the links on my site so the companies I partner with know where you learned about them. Thank you so much for your support, and now dive in and enjoy this episode.


00:02:17 So welcome, Jenna. I'm so excited to talk to you today. Hi, Kara. Thank you for having me. As we said before we got on, it's like a reunion.


00:02:26 It feels like a reunion, I know. So we both are connected through the Conscious Awakening Network, and that was how we met. And you struck me right away. We were on a big call with a lot of people on a zoom, and right away I was like, I know her. And then I realized I'd watched some of your stuff in preparation for an interview with Barbara Lamb.


00:02:51 But as the meeting was going on, even though neither of us was really talking that much, I was like, no, I know her, know her. I know her beyond that call. And then your last name is Layden, and my children are Hayden and Leila. Oh, my God. I know.


00:03:10 So you've got this earthly symbol in your name that jumps right out to me, too. Isn't that so funny? The nature of synchronicity, really, and especially around those soul knowing moments when your consciousness latches onto something that it's familiar with. It's like the universe then creates this series of synchronicities to almost validate it. Yes, that's right.


00:03:40 I mean, completely. And because there's so there's so much I mean, the more I go into like multi dimensional knowing and experiences, mystical experiences, the more I can see and experience these layers of how everything is so layered. And so there's so much that we miss because we might catch one or two layers of something. Right. And then it's like, wow, there's some really deep truths that just run through a stack of a whole bunch of stuff.


00:04:14 And so things like your name and those are literally like symbols. The letters are symbols and the sounds are symbols. So those are like really special names for me, hayden and Leila, of course. And then the fact that you've got this blending of them, it's like, oh, okay, that gets my attention. Right.


00:04:36 It's almost like it was pre planned to get your attention because it probably was. Probably. I have the same experience when we first connected, it was like we're supposed to connect. I do have this familiarity with you and there's this just energetic quality about you that felt right. Yes, I love that.


00:04:58 I love it. I love when it's reciprocal like that as well too. That's so beautiful. So let's get back to you and talk about your journey because as I mentioned, you began your career with Whole Foods and you were the global VP of Whole Foods. I think I read that you were also an atheist for a long time.


00:05:24 Five years ago. Okay. And then now you're a shaman and a cosmic guide. So these are two very different realities. And I come from a corporate background as well.


00:05:36 I worked for pharmaceutical company for a long time and then I worked with pharmaceutical companies as my clientele for a long time. So for me, I've stepped into a whole other world too. But I love how you've got this link, how you're used to leading teams and you're used to helping people with change and transformation. So it's like this skill that is across, like you've been holding and developing the skill even before you kind of woke up to different realities, let's say. Yeah, but how did the calling present itself and what was it like for you to answer this huge call?


00:06:17 Wow, good question. It was, after 30 years of being atheist, one of the most mind blowing experiences I think a person could go through to have their worldview just completely changed. And I know so many people are going through this right now, which is why I really felt compelled to answer the call. So about five years ago, I went through a relationship ending. And this was such a significant emotional event in my life that it just started to make me question where the depth of that emotion was coming from, why I was experiencing really a dark night of the soul, like the deepest depression I had ever experienced.


00:07:12 And I had already been married and divorced once, so I'd had experience with these sorts of side part endings. And so it was really that that triggered this moment of exploration. And I think once that moment of exploration began and I started asking questions why am I feeling this way? Why do I feel this depth of connection with this person that I don't feel with anyone else? Where is this coming from?


00:07:43 All of a sudden the answers started to present themselves and this happened in a really interesting way. I now can look back and see that the books I was finding, the information that I was connecting with, was all just unfolding and coming to me in this really rapid but perfectly sequenced way for me to be. Able to absorb the idea that we have souls, that our consciousness is non local, that we live in a universe that is energetic and all things are connected. And so I started going down this spiritual exploration paradoff and that led me to some past life research, past life regression research, here to experience research, all that sort of stuff. And then I started having real supernatural, quote unquote, supernatural experiences.


00:08:38 We now know those experiences to be very natural, right, and part of our human capabilities and faculties. But once those experiences started to happen, like spontaneous past life recall, future visions having this heightened kind of clairvoyant type of experience start to occur for me, then it just became clear that I needed to follow that path and I needed to explore it. It's a long story to get to the point of where I really felt compelled to leave Whole Foods because there were years of exploration there where I was learning how to meditate, I was learning about how to heal anxiety, I was learning about these soul connections that were established in my life. And while I was engaged in this really overwhelming job at Whole Foods during the day, at night I was studying and at night I was exploring these experiences that I was starting to have. And so I did all of that in secret for probably about three years until the level of guidance started to increase.


00:09:55 And ultimately I was essentially told, it's time, it's time to go. It's time to leave whole foods. So I can share a little more about how some of that guidance came through and how that's even connected to my soul level connection with ETS. I would love that because when you were like after three years, then I was guided and I just got these chills that just went all down my arms and down my core and down my legs and so, yes, please keep going.


00:10:32 These experiences, they all compare. And I think one thing that is important for anyone to know is that our consciousness obviously can expand in incredible ways, but that'll only happen at a pace that we can handle that we can psychologically integrate in a healthy way. So my experiences started with these visions that were so instantaneous, so just vivid in my mind's eye in meditation. And as they started, I would know exactly what they were from the past, from past lives, how they connected to this life and what sort of karmic story was playing out. So the reason I had felt this depth of emotion when that life event happened with the breakup was because that was a pattern that had been playing out for a few lifetimes.


00:11:28 Yeah, that was one of my first big moments of, oh, okay, yeah, there's a much bigger picture here to understand. And then as that research kind of continued around that topic and I started to integrate this understanding about the journey of a soul, then one day I started receiving direct messages. And at this point, I'm probably on maybe year two of this at this point and integrating this kind of spiritual foundation for myself. And I start receiving very direct messages. So you can hear them.


00:12:09 So you've got Claire audience. I'm hearing, like, Claire audience, clairvoyance and Claire cognizance because you're getting not only seeing what's happening, but understanding right away how it relates to the past and. The future, instant knowing, and I guess some Claire sentience because I can feel deeply what's going on. And that's developed on my shamanic training, which we can talk about at some point in the conversation because these are abilities that were there the whole time I was at Whole Foods that I was employing without understanding what they were. And they were subtle enough for so long that I was able to just navigate my reality in a way that allowed me to move up the ranks really fast.


00:12:56 I became a global VP by the age of 30 without a college degree. That's not exactly normal, and I recognize that. Yeah. And so I had these abilities to kind of perceive the future and read energy and just intuitively navigate my situation there. But then all of a sudden, I started getting the experience of these abilities heightening and becoming more profound.


00:13:22 And so how I knew it was not my consciousness, because I think that's a question we always have, right? Is any guidance that I feel like I'm receiving, is that coming from my ego? Is that coming from my higher self? Is that coming from another entity? Right.


00:13:39 Like our ability to discern in those situations is so important at the time. You know, how we have these little issues with people in our lives and we might stew on it in our head and get upset with someone. And I was in that space with my stepmom at the time, and I was, like, having a little internal argument with her in my head and was just ruminating on a situation with her. And it was late at night, I was laying in bed, so I was quiet. I was still but just kind of stewing on this.


00:14:16 And all of a sudden, this message came in and cut me off, like, interrupted me. Wow. So it was like it came from somewhere else. It was not me. I was having my own conversation with myself.


00:14:29 And I love that we can own that. We all do that. I was very busy in my own head, convincing myself about how I was right again, been there. And what was extraordinary about this message is that it was telling me basically that I was in my own stuff, in my ego, and that I wasn't seeing the situation properly. And the message was, she is trying to make amends, my stepmother.


00:15:00 So we had had a little conflict, and she was she was offering herself in a way that was generous, that I wasn't receiving. So this message came through to help redirect me and help me see something differently. But at the time, I thought, where's that coming from? Like that we're not supposed to be hearing voices in our head, quote unquote, right? What is this?


00:15:24 But I also knew it was helpful. It was coming from a loving place, so it didn't seem like anything I should be that concerned about. Right. I shouldn't be worried about it. So I moved on.


00:15:39 And I thought at the time, well, maybe that's just guides or maybe ancestors, because I was at a point in my evolution, post atheist to be open to that. Right. Well, fast forward. And this keeps happening, not really regularly, but every month or two for, like, the next year, it kept happening, and my research continued. So I continued to just be connecting with all of this information that felt relevant to me.


00:16:11 And I started to get fascinated by the idea of these abductee regression cases, because I had done a lot of research on past life regression, and that led me to finding some regression cases of people who claimed to be abducted by ETS. And I'd always been fascinated by space. I'd always deep down inside, had this longing for what was out there without really realizing where that was coming from. And I always thought it would just. Be so absurd that we'd be alone.


00:16:47 But where's the proof? That's the place I was in for so many years. Are you familiar with John Mack from Harvard University? No. Okay, this might be something for you to look into.


00:17:00 Yeah. He's no longer on the planet, but he was a tenured Harvard professor of psychiatry for a long time. And in his later years at Harvard, he got connected with people who claimed to have these extraordinary experiences or had just so much suppressed stuff that they needed help accessing it. And he was trained in regression type of therapy. So he started working with these alien abductees.


00:17:33 He ended up writing a couple of books. I stumbled upon one of his books. And so this is maybe on year three of this exploration at this point that I pick up one of his books, I start reading it probably within the first few pages. Like the first case study that he's documenting, I have the biggest emotional release of my life. Oh, wow.


00:17:58 Like, just the flood gates opened and tears were streaming out of me for I don't know how long. And when that happened, it was so startling because I knew enough about the science of the mind and aspects of how information or trauma gets suppressed that I recognized when this emotional release occurred. Something got triggered. Yeah. So it's like your intellect doesn't know, but your body completely was giving yeah.


00:18:33 Was giving it all away. Totally. And yeah. And that's, like, such a good point. Our body doesn't lie.


00:18:40 Our body will tell us, or, like, that we'll have an emotional reaction to something that is significant for our soul. So that's what I knocked in that moment, and I thought, uhoh, have I been abducted? What's going on here? Like, perfect. Uhoh.


00:19:09 I was like, I think I need a regression. Like, I think there's I think there's something suppressed here. And at the time, he was working with Abductees. We know a lot more now about the nature of Et contact. We understand how it has evolved over the last century.


00:19:29 And at the time he was engaging in this work, the experiences were highly traumatic for people, and the nature of any sort of suppressed information is a little traumatic when we allow it to come forward. So if I'm reading his case studies, they're not all pleasant experiences. But what is true is that there is a profound spiritual transformation that occurs for people after they've navigated, unlocking what's been suppressed and facing the fear of what happened.


00:20:01 He went from essentially being a non believer in a lot of these topics we're talking about today to having his worldview completely changed. He almost got kicked out of Harvard, but they did not do that because he made a good case for what he was doing. So luckily, he got to continue. And anyway, that got me to a place where I just knew I knew there was something deeper here that had to be explored. And so in 2020, I went through my first past life regression.


00:20:32 I got up the nerve and the courage to do it, to face whatever was going to be there, because I didn't know what was going to be there. And I've had two regressions, so I've had that one in 2020, and I had one last year with Barbara Lamb to go further in my exploration of my contact. So the one in 2020 was gentle. I was given enough information to recognize that, yes, so many of the synchronicities I haven't even told you about, there were so many synchronicities throughout this period of time, too, that were helping me connect with the right information and start to come to this deeper place of knowing. And in that regression, it was validated that I'd been having various forms of contact with beings who are not on this planet, who my soul is connected with from other lifetimes.


00:21:29 And I was told that we incarnate with soul groups. We have I don't know the exact number, maybe ten or so souls that we are, like, really tightly bonded with and all of our incarnations, we're just constantly incarnating with them, playing different roles, doing things differently each time. But those are the souls we are really, really closely bonded with. We're really moving through existence with them. So I was aware of some of that by this time.


00:21:56 But in the regression, it became clear that one of the reasons I'd had a lot of anxiety and depression throughout my life and I felt this loneliness in my life was because most of my soul group are still in another civilization. Okay, I got chills again. Yes. Oh, my goodness. Yeah.


00:22:19 And then in that regression, I was told it was time. I've been having some suspicion that maybe all of this was leading me to change careers, to utilize my leadership in a different way. Wasn't quite sure, but was kind of asking those questions. And this is actually a fun little synchronicity that is related to this moment of the calling and knowing it was time to leave. At the end of 2019, I was thinking about the next year and having these thoughts, is it time to leave Whole Foods?


00:22:49 What am I doing with my life? What's been going on? And so I was starting to set intentions and write goals and that sort of thing. And in the moment of thinking, okay, 2020, I think I'm leading Whole Foods this year, message came in. No, it's not time.


00:23:06 Your leadership will be needed, is what it said. Oh, wow. In 2019, the end of 2019. And then a couple of months later, the pandemic hit. Right.


00:23:17 It would have been a terrible time to leave because the team did need me at that time. Yes. Wow. Yeah. And I didn't know why at the time.


00:23:28 Right. It wasn't until later in 2020 that I kind of thought back and connected the dots on that, like, wow, okay. Wherever that guidance was coming from, they knew that guidance knew what was about to happen. So then in 2020, I do the regression, and I saw two past lives here on Earth that are relevant to what I'm doing today. And then this is a quantum healing hypnosis technique regression.


00:23:55 I was going to ask if it was Q-H-T. Yeah. And I'm sure your listeners are familiar with that being one of the deepest levels of hypnosis we can go into. And so when I was in the deepest part of hypnosis and triads, all of a sudden the voice coming out of me changed. So the therapist had started to ask questions of my higher self, right, my subconscious, and had gained access, and that information was flowing through beautifully.


00:24:25 And so my higher self was speaking about me as a human, like, Jenna needs to do X, Y, or Z. Jenna needs to meditate more. I got a little scolded on my meditation graphics. Meditation is important, as we know. So I was receiving this guidance from my higher self, and then all of a sudden, the voice switched to we.


00:24:50 So the therapist had asked a question, and I think the first kind of shift that was noticeable for him was this answer that said, we have always been watching and supporting.


00:25:03 And the therapist was like, Hold on. Who is we? Who are we talking to here? Who exactly is this now? And long story short, the Et beings that I now know to be my star family, I call them Stark family because we're bonded at a soul level, and we're in this whole game together.


00:25:25 We're in service to the healing of Earth together. And so they started to speak through me and continued to validate lots of aspects of my experiences. They validated the fact that I'm here with two specific souls from my soul group, the rest are back on a ship and that they had been connecting in with me in various ways to guide me and to support this transformation to wake me up, to help me evolve spiritually, but then to also get me to a point where I would be able to acknowledge the fact that we're not alone and the fact that I do have a connection with these beings. And so it was that regression in 2020, I think that was summer of 2020 that I knew, okay, it's time to put the wheels in motion, to leave Whole Foods and answer the call. That's incredible.


00:26:21 Thank you for sharing that. Do you have an idea and want to share about where the star origins are for your family? Yeah, good question. I have continued to gain clarity on that over time. I think it's so easy for us as humans to, especially when we are given lots of information and we have a cultural phenomenon of that these days around the star lineages and star races.


00:26:52 And so it's really easy for us to kind of latch onto a certain idea we think might be for us or a bias that we have. So I didn't have an idea of that for quite a while. I just knew. I knew for sure I had been visited. I knew for sure I'm in this telepathic communication with these beings.


00:27:11 And I had, around that time, done a galactic astrology reading from this man, Graham forScott. He has studied with Dan Winter. He's probably one of the most advanced people in understanding sacred geometry, how the soul and star systems interact on the level of sacred geometry, and how in our charts, we can identify where our souls may be connected in terms of star systems. Okay, I did not explain that super well because he's the expert. No, but I'm with you.


00:27:53 So that was one of my first kind of clues. And my reading pointed to the Aldo Baron star system and the Regal star system, both in the Orion constellation. So I had that in the back of my mind for a while. And then I also started to have in meditation some visions, and not necessarily visions from a detached point of view, but I had experiences where all of a sudden I was experiencing myself as another being. And meanwhile, I'm being guided down the shamanic path.


00:28:34 So meanwhile, while this is all unfolding, I'm also going deeper in my meditation practices. Going deeper and learning how to journey in the various realms, learning how to access past life information through shamanic practice. So I'm genuinely having this develop too. So I started having these spontaneous moments in meditations and in some shamanic journeys where I was experiencing myself as these other beings. That's amazing.


00:29:07 And one of them was a mantis being. I have a mantis right here. Oh, hey, the mantis are the ones. I'll just spoiler alert if you haven't seen the regression episode with Barbara Lamb. That is the one where I talk about witnessing the mantis being coming to me.


00:29:30 So the mantis beings are the ones that my soul is connected with the most in this life for the purpose of this particular work. And they're the ones, apparently, that it's been visiting at times. Wow. So I think this is interesting that you have the mantis there and that we're now talking about them because this is how these connections form. And yes, the awareness mantis pops up.


00:29:57 A lot in my world. This makes sense. So when you were seeing yourself as a star being, were you seeing yourself as a mantis? Yes, once I saw myself as a mantis, that was so wild. It's like I was me, but my body was different.


00:30:15 I had these arms that were doing these motions that were just so different and that was so interesting. So that was a few years ago that that happened. So I was starting to clue into who I might have been in these other lives. One time it was like a feline being, bipedal, so human, but feline, a humanoid feline type species. And that was kind of a brief vision and it felt like that was off Earth.


00:30:41 I think that one was off Earth somewhere. And then over time again, I'm continuing to explore in shamanic journeys, I'm continuing to get these synchronicities and this ability to tune into what clues are being presented to me. Right. So I want to connect this to the second regression because this is how I ultimately found out exactly where my soul and star family are from. So, yeah, it's been such an interesting journey.


00:31:14 In that first regression, I'd given the regressionist a list of questions that I wanted to explore, and there was one he forgot to ask, which we now know is purposeful because I wasn't ready. I was so not ready to even go there at the time because some of the layers of what we uncover, it's deep and it's impactful stuff to integrate and we can't do it all at once. Our psyche just in our bodies just can't handle that. So the question he forgot to ask was about a childhood dream I had had. So I had had a childhood dream that was recurring for years that started around the age of four.


00:31:55 And it was a dream of just pure blackness, almost like space, but a red rose in the distance and the darkness would kind of close in on the rose. And then as soon as the darkness was getting to the rose, I would wake up, but I would have this fear. It felt almost like a nightmare, but that was the dream. But it was the same over and over and over. And so I kind of always questioned, like, well, what was that?


00:32:24 That's odd. That's odd to have that sort of specific recurring dream. So the therapist didn't ask it in the first regression. So I took that to Barbara Lairam last year when I felt like I was finally ready to just go further on some other questions. I had an experience even that happened here in Sedona that I was questioning.


00:32:46 And so we started with the childhood dream and she regressed me back to the first night that I had that dream. And for anyone who hasn't been regressed back to a childhood time frame, it's such an interesting experience because your consciousness changes. What was coming out of me in that regression was from the standpoint of a child. Like I was using Childlike. Yeah, it was like little me, the four year old me was speaking.


00:33:25 And what we uncovered is that that was not a dream, really. It was a screen memory. Are you familiar with screen memories?


00:33:37 I think I can tell from experience what you're talking about because I have seen screens in a mystical way where something's coming over the top of energy that I'm seeing and then it'll feel like, oh, a screen is coming over it. And then there are shapes that are being made out of the energy. Is that kind of close? Maybe. I think there's ways in which our mind wants to block certain things that we see and sometimes when.


00:34:15 And this is depending on us individually, like depending on the journey our soul has been on, depending on where we're at psychologically, emotionally. In this life, we are presented with information that is so counter to our worldview or would be so traumatic for us. Sometimes the mind just blocks that. Sometimes the mind will create a screen over that that really prevents us from seeing the truth until we're ready. Okay, so it's like.


00:34:45 The mind kind of plays tricks on us that way. Right. Or it just completely blocks it and suppresses it. Right. And this is true for a lot of trauma survivors.


00:34:55 A trauma may have happened, but they don't even really have memory of it because the psyche is trying to protect us. It's just like shoving it down so we don't see it. And so what I now know to be true and this is corroborated through lots of other research, apparently, the ETS, they're much more advanced than us. They have the ability to put some sort of screen memory in our mind that essentially acts as a placeholder for what did happen. So, that dream was a screen memory.


00:35:30 It was something my brain could process as a child, but what was actually happening was something different. And so was that like an e. T. Encounter? Yeah.


00:35:44 And the mantis were there. Really? Yes. Wow. Yes.


00:35:50 So, what I saw and this is from the standpoint of a child and I didn't share this specific part of the regression at the time in the episode because it was I was still integrating it. But in the first, like, 30 minutes of the regression, I'm bowling. I'm, like, crying as a kid, like, reliving this, and all of a sudden, I'm not in my home. All of a sudden, I'm somewhere else, and I'm fearful. I'm not supposed to be out of my home.


00:36:17 What's happening? And there's these beings looking at me. And so, what I saw was three what I think to be, like, gray beings on my right, and they were doing something with my arm, and then there was a mantis being on my left. Well, as barbara moved me through this regression, it became clear that I kind of recognized the mantis being. Once I got over the fear part of it, it was like, I know that being.


00:36:46 I know them. I'm one of them. I'm through there. And so then that started to unfold. She's highly skilled in how to move you from this point in time to that point in time in a regressed state.


00:37:00 So she said, okay, let's go back to where you know that from. So she took my consciousness and popped me back to that state. And all of a sudden, I was on a ship, and I was with these beings, and we were planning my life. Now we were looking at a screen. We were looking at my parents.


00:37:23 Wow. And we were, like, planning why I was coming into this body, why I was choosing my parents, and why the whole foods part of my life had to happen before I woke up and before all of this unfolded.


00:37:41 Yeah. That's remarkable. Yeah. And then fast forward real fast to right after that regression. This is, again, that nature of synchronicity and how the universe unlocks clues for us.


00:37:56 As soon as that regression was done, I was kind of taking deep breaths just letting it settle. I decided I just need to put my mind on something else for a little while. I'm going to go watch a podcast. And so I turned something on and boom. The first thing Robert Edward Grant was talking about was the Aldo Baron star system being known as the Red Rose Star.


00:38:19 You're kidding me. Oh, my goodness. How about that? Wow. Yeah.


00:38:29 So my understanding at this point, not. Just the rose, the red rose, and in Orion.


00:38:40 And that synchronicity has continued to play out. Like, the Red Rose has other symbology that has become clear. But yeah, my understanding at this point is that the mantis beings who I think are kind of overseeing aspects of this star seed evolution here on Earth and with whom I'm connected from these other lives, those specific beings, are from the Alderberry star system. Wow. That's amazing.


00:39:13 It's so cool to hear you talk too, about seeing yourself as those beings. I've had a similar experience twice where I know one was definitely in a lucid dream. I was asleep for that one, but it was so strong. Like, when I woke up, I was. Like, Whoa, what was that?


00:39:34 But I was this blue being, like an indigo blue with no hair and kind of a pointy like the head is like, wider at the top and points down. But then what I remember so much about this is looking down on my arms, and they were so thin. They were just these really thin blue arms. And I don't have any information about where that would be from or anything, but a couple of times I'm like what you're saying, where you're inside, you're seeing yourself. Yes.


00:40:12 And so I'm looking down at my arms and they're just these really skinny, like, blue arms. And somehow I knew that. I think the face without hair, the head without hair, I think I saw that in a vision or something. I can't remember if they were at the they were near the same time, but two different experiences close together. But that sounds really similar to some of the beings I saw on the ship, because it wasn't just mantis beings on the ship.


00:40:41 While I was a mantis being, there were other beings that looked similar to that. That's interesting. Do you have an idea of where they were from?


00:40:52 Based on all of the research I've done, it seems like those beings may be associated with Arcturus. So there may be an Arcturian kind of connection there, to the best of our knowledge. Right. But apparently the Arcturian beings have that more kind of lind shaped head, larger cranium comes down in that kind of more pointed way. Some Syrian beings apparently have more, like, elongated heads.


00:41:17 Right? Yeah. That's so fascinating. And I don't have I've had, like, star origin kind of readings, and there's some overlap. I've had a couple by, a couple of different people and there is overlap and sometimes new things come in.


00:41:29 And I've heard a mantis being before as I was falling asleep one night. I wasn't asleep yet, but I heard this clicking in my ear like it was right there to the point that I and I didn't know even what I didn't know about mantis beings at that time. And in fact, before I really knew a lot about mantis beings, I thought they were aggressive, negative beings. And this was until the beginning of last year that I thought they were kind of like the enemy. And so when I heard that clicking, I was like, what?


00:42:07 I knew enough about mantis or whatever that I was like, what? Why would a mantis come? Yeah. And then it was like months later that I got a lot of mantis stuff coming in all at once and I realized, like, oh, actually at least a lot of them are very high frequency beings. But for advance.


00:42:30 And it's my understanding that the hybrid program that has been kind of behind the abduction phenomena here on Earth, which is intended to be part of our evolutionary advancement, it's not intended to be a traumatic thing for humans, even though it has resulted in that in various ways. And that has been corrected in various ways. That's where we're seeing an evolution of how they're interacting with humans. And I'm one of those examples. I think the mantis beings are overseeing that whole operation because they are scientifically, spiritually enough, evil enough to facilitate with the grays what needs to happen in a way that is aligned spiritually right.


00:43:21 With the proper evolutionary advancement for the all that is. Right. So it's almost as though there's like these kind of like in an organization or like in our governmental structures, right? There's kind of like a hierarchy and there may be one star nation or race that wants to explore a particular path of scientific study in this galaxy or another galaxy. And maybe they need the support of a more advanced race that can oversee or guide them.


00:43:53 That sort of stuff seems to be occurring. It's my understanding that at least the ones I'm interacting with are being guided by are highly loving, they're in service to this transformation that's happening on the planet. And I think as we're all awakening to this idea that we're not alone and as we all find information on our media platforms about the star races, it becomes so easy again to put our human bias and lens on these things and say, this race is all this way and this race is all that way. Well, that's not true. And that's not true on Earth either.


00:44:30 Right. It's like if you think about the vastness of our universe, the diversity is incredible out there. Right? Yeah. So even among quote unquote negative groups of beings, it would make sense that there's also positive versions of those beings too, right?


00:44:53 Yeah. There's somebody who channels like a high frequency reptilian trap. Have you come across Rob Gothier, I think is his name, but for a long time, if I heard reptilian, it. Was like, no, they're bad. But I've watched his stuff and this seems like really legitimate, loving, progressive, evolved, reptilian kind of thing.


00:45:20 And Barbara Lamb has a story too, about a reptilian in the physical in her living room, and they were like, holding hands. And so, yeah, we can tend to be too one sided and forget that the whole universe is evolving. There's a nice representation of everything, really. So I'm really curious about going back to remember who your parents were going to be, why you were going to pick this body, why were you going to be here at this time, why Whole Foods before you got into even out of Atheism? It's like you have been able to consciously integrate a lot of really important information about your life, and now you have founded Star Family Wisdom.


00:46:09 So you're working now with people to help them from the galactic sense. Yeah. So I'm really curious just about what you can share in terms of what you see as your mission now and. What your purpose is and what you're. Bringing forth with Star Family Wisdom.


00:46:28 Well, thank you for that question. One of the things I accessed in that first regression was a lifetime where I had been a leader of a mystery school and I had been leading spiritual initiates in their journey, really introducing them to the mysteries of the universe. And in mystery schools, the whole point was to really progress through levels of study, levels of spiritual practice that ultimately help you shed your karma, clear the distortion, and come back to a true sense of knowing yourself as God. And in that process, potentially awakening extrasensory abilities, potentially getting to a point where you have acquired supernatural human type abilities. So this was something that has gone on in our Earth's history for a long time, but the last few thousand years have been so.


00:47:25 We've been in our dark ages, we've been in a patriarchal system of operating on Earth which has not left room for us to integrate, especially in the Western culture. Integrate these sorts of spiritual truths that are foundational to our understanding of our reality and foundational to us engaging with our reality in a way that brings more beauty into the world, that allows us to flourish, that allows us to thrive, that allows us to experience the magic that's possible. So star family wisdom is a mystery school. It's also a podcast, but it's intended to be a place where people can access formal guidance practices, initiation processes that take them further on their path of coming back to knowing themselves. And like, you were just sharing, integrating a lot of the things I've integrated, going into some of that past life work, going into understanding where our limiting beliefs are held and shifting those and reprogramming ourselves and ultimately integrating this much broader perspective on our life and our ability to engage with the universe.


00:48:43 So one of the things I was guided to by Stark family was the Caro lineage of shamanism in Peru. And so I now offer shamanic initiation for people who are interested in that path. And shamanism is highly complementary to any spiritual tradition, and even a lot of the great masters of the world did shamanic practice. We just don't talk about it that way. So this initiation is called the Rights of the Moon.


00:49:13 I Key, and it's a ten week process that was delivered to us by the shamans of the Andes. And I've been certified to deliver this. I'm now a certified master shamanic, energy medicine practitioner through this lineage. And what is important about the energetic transmissions that we can deliver through this process and what's important about this lineage is that the Caro people are descendants of the Incan civilization. When the colonial conquest happened in north and South America, and the Spanish and Europeans were wreaking havoc all over the Americas, there was a small group of shamans in the Incan civilization that fled.


00:50:01 They said, we know, we've got to preserve this wisdom. We know what's going down here. They saw it coming because shamans can see the future. They saw it coming. And so they were like, we're out of here.


00:50:12 We're going as far into the mountains as we can. So they did, and they hid there. They hid in the highest altitude mountains of the Andes for the last few hundred years. And it wasn't until like two or three decades ago, I think maybe the 1970s, a few decades ago, they came down from the mountains and connected with the outside world and said, we know what's going on on Earth right now. There's this massive time of transformation and turmoil and change that's happening, and this is now.


00:50:49 And knowledge, wisdom that we want to give the world. Like, it's time for the new shamans of the world to come forth and learn this information, receive these energy transmissions, and integrate these practices. So what's really cool about this lineage is that while there's so many beautiful lineages on the planet, this one is so pure, and it was preserved in a way that is untouched by the trauma that our modern civilization has experienced. And that harkens back even to our connection with the star races when they were on Earth long ago. So it's one of the things I'm really passionate about now, too, because while I want to help people become more cosmically connected and understand our potential to integrate that level of energy and wisdom, there's also this level of groundedness here on Earth that we need to be experiencing.


00:51:53 And shamanic practice helps us bring the two together. And so I love leading people through these sorts of programs because I think that is one of the most important things we can be doing. It's really about transforming and upgrading our energy field, clearing the distortion, bringing more light in, bringing the light codes of the new human to Earth, and helping us really do the deep transformation work that's going to help us navigate this time of change on the planet. So that's one of the things I offer. We also have sacred geometry courses by Naughty Hana, and she leads a live eight week sacred geometry course.


00:52:35 We also have some prerecorded courses as well. And then there's lots of free information, free content for people on the site too. And for those who may feel that maybe more like star, race, even ancient connection here on the planet, I offer a seven week spiritual initiation course that is guided by Goddess ISIS energy. And it's intended to connect us back to the ancient Egyptian temple processes of initiation. So we've got a lot of different ways people can move through their initiation process and reconnect with mystery school wisdom.


00:53:17 That's fantastic. I love that. Now explain a little bit more about the shamanic piece. I love what you're saying in terms of because this human body, it's really this connector between the cosmic, galactic and then this planet, this sentient planet.


00:53:43 What kind of skills will be developed through a shamanic practice? Or what could somebody expect in terms of, oh, I want to like, what's missing from my repertoire? Is this right? Okay, you want to go down the shaman path type of thing? Great question.


00:54:03 So it helps with everything. We learn how to open our seeing abilities, right? So we learn how to awaken our perception in new ways. We learn how to do meditative journeys to the lower world, where we can access our subconscious, our past. We can access wounds and trauma.


00:54:25 We can learn how to rewrite those stories or rewrite soul contracts with spirit, with the universe. We can even find gifts that we didn't know our soul was carrying, like gifts from other lifetimes skills, talents, that sort of thing that we can integrate. We can journey to the upper world, which is the realm of spirit, and where we can access future timelines. We can access our destiny. We can start to see future probabilities or possibilities for our life and bring that back down here to the middle world.


00:54:59 So we call this the here and now, the middle world. So you learn how to go through those sorts of journeying processes, which for someone who is on the spiritual evolution path, we're here to heal, we're here to transform. We're here to find that highest destiny for ourselves and for the world. And so as a shaman or someone who's on that path, you can gain some of those sorts of abilities. And then we also just engage in a lot of other practices, ceremonial practices, practices with Mother Earth that, again help us work in the world of energy to really get to the root cause of what's going on with us.


00:55:40 Because everything that's going on in our bodies and our minds and our physical reality, it's all stemming from the energetic. And so when we learn how to work in the world of energy, we can then start to influence the physical in more profound ways and quicker ways and easier ways. And so that becomes something that anyone can integrate into just their daily spiritual practices. So I think a lot of people have different perceptions or maybe preconceived notions about what or who a shaman is, but really we're just talking about ancient ancestral spiritual practices and learning how to move in the world of energy. And we also work with power animals and archetypes.


00:56:28 So we work with archangel, archetypes who help us access our destiny, help us access the realm of our past, the realm of our hidden stuff in our subconscious. We learn how to work with these archetypal energies in ways that can support us because we're so not alone. We have so much support, so much spiritual guidance that can come to us. And that's not just like our guides and angels or ancestors. It's like there's a lot of other intelligence around us in nature and the animals, and we can learn how to work with them, and we can learn how to receive guidance from nature in new ways, which is really cool, and like you said, ultimately really become a bridge, become this open channel between worlds.


00:57:19 And I really believe now that I think the reason I was guided to this lineage and to be able to lead people into it is because so many star seeds need to awaken their ability to navigate reality in these ways. Oh, that's beautiful. And you've just reminded me that I kept dreaming about a peregrine last night, a type of bird, and I meant to look that up. So now I'm like, okay, yeah. Mentioned animal totems and intelligence of nature.


00:57:50 And that's such a specific I don't even know if I'll be able to find information about the specific totem of the peregrine. I think that's how you say it. Sure you will. There's actually a lot I think that's a bird, right? It's a bird.


00:58:05 Yeah. There's a lot of different lot of spiritual meaning in different birds. And it's so fascinating what will come to us when we're in these deeper states of consciousness, because it's not something our conscious mind would have ever thought of. Like recently I had a moose come to me as a new power animal. Oh, never would have thought a moose, right?


00:58:26 Yeah, that's random like mine. Yeah. Well, it's interesting as you're talking about navigating the energy and navigating our fears and some of the shadow you touched on the shadowy parts. And when we were talking about reptilians and the negative entities and things like that, I heard you saying when I was listening to your recordings from not too long ago, but you were talking about the germination of a seed and how it needs the darkness. And I loved this point so much because I have spent time on my journey being like, it's all light, it's all love, and I'm going to ignore everything else.


00:59:12 And it's been through my own maturation and then also some of my own journeys that I've had, like, mystical journeys where I can see scary things or I can see, like and I'm inside myself, so I can see that it's there.


00:59:35 One, I have to keep my fear in check because it's like, okay, this is scary. What I'm looking at is like a monster. I mean, literally, I'm seeing, like, a reptilian type of thing. But I'm also kind of like, there's a part of me that I think my mind is playing tricks on me because it's like looking at a magic eye poster, and it's like, looking like a lot of static, and then that's kind of what pops out. And I'm like but I think it's just how I'm looking at it.


01:00:08 I think if I change how I look at it, it's something else, but not succumbing to fear is such an important piece of it, but it's also this willingness to explore and to encompass the entirety of who we are and to know that certain things serve purpose. So without being confronted with that type of scary, let's label that as scary without my friend, the reptilian with his I mean, the teeth on this thing. There are a lot of teeth, let me tell you. They're sharp. But without that, I don't get to flex my fear muscle or see how much I succumb to that.


01:00:57 As an example. It's like, I can't see how brave I am if I don't confront it. And we get that on all different levels because when we're talking about working with energy, everything is energy. Our whole and you talked about, like, a screen, and it's like everything that we engage with in the physical, underneath that, within it, running through it, is energy. Right?


01:01:23 And then we have the physical overlaying that, but we're here in the physical. So I had another experience very recently where we were talking about clear cognizance and it was like all these layers just came in. And I could see this specific area of my life where I could see all the layers and that there were things that I had to do in the physical because it would help my growth. And this other person. But it was going to be very hard.


01:01:53 It was going to be a hard thing for me to do. But I'm in the energy. I'm like, I can see it all, but I'm seeing it energetically. I'm understanding it, but I'm like, well, I'm in the energy now, so let me just see what I can do in the energy. Like, I get it.


01:02:09 I get it. I get the lesson. Yes, totally. Right now, let's just fix it energetically so I don't have to do it in real life fully knowing that the whole point of it is that I have to do it on this plane. And they have to have the choice.


01:02:25 They have to be presented with this choice of do you want this or. Do you want this? And that's really important for their soul's purpose. And if I don't give them that opportunity, then they don't get the opportunity. But it's really important for their growth, and it was important for me, for my ego and my pride.


01:02:48 There is an element of me needing to be vulnerable, needing to let go of my pride. But I was like, there's no way I'm going to do this. I'm getting emotional just thinking about it, where I was like, I want to do a gazillion things more than I want to do that. It's hard facing these sorts of things. Yes.


01:03:11 Even when your soul is supposed to do this and their soul is relying on you to do it. That's the nature of ego. That's ego. Right. Like, the ego is designed to keep us in this experience of separation, this illusion that everything's a struggle and competition and all that stuff.


01:03:32 Right. And so when we're healing and we're accessing these new layers of awareness, the ego is going to show up fighting that. The ego is like, no, I don't want to go there. I'm comfortable here. I want my life the way it is.


01:03:50 I don't want to face growth. Right. And so we've got to push through that. And that's hard. That's hard stuff.


01:03:57 Yeah. But it's just so funny how layered things are and how much we just don't know. It's kind of fun to be working with energy and also to recognize that, hey, we've got this human experience here, too, and it can't be like you can't get around it. No, because the word doing this. That's the whole point.


01:04:24 The energetic gets the wheels in motion, right. But then the physical action has to happen or you get the energetics in motion enough and you're really resisting the physical action. Well, the universe is going to create some physical things that might happen that maybe are not exactly how you wanted things to play out. If you're on this path, the universe will push you. Right.


01:04:53 The universe is going to push you to your limits a bit for your growth. And it's our choice. Right. It's like our choices to how we participate in that and how we own those aspects of our soul growth, or decisions we need to make or changes we need to make in our lives, or boundaries we need to set. If we can get ahead of that right, and we can be proactive in what our soul knows it needs to do for its growth, then yeah, we're going to have a little easier time in that evolution.


01:05:28 Yeah. We don't want the universe to push us off the cliff, right? Like, we want to be in control of some of that. Shamanic practice is really cool for that reason too, because it gives us the structure to work with that helps us make those changes. It really helps us navigate.


01:05:43 How do we go from this timeline to this timeline, right? Like, we hear that phrase a lot out there, like, timeline shifting and all that sort of stuff. Well, that requires big change in your life. We can work in the energetics and see a lot of stuff, and sometimes we can do levels of healing that do shift the required physical actions, right? Yeah.


01:06:06 I've all learning about how all that connects and, like, you being brave enough, willing to face what you need to face and show up for that. We're here to show up for life, and we're here during challenging times on Earth, and we're also here with lots of karma and baggage from these times of violence and trauma on Earth that we're all clearing and shifting and healing. So we're all going through these moments of facing these hard choices, the forks in the road right. That either help us perpetuate karma or clear the karma and move down a different path, so well said. That's beautiful.


01:06:51 Thank you, Jenna. So tell everybody how they can find out more about Star Family Wisdom and you and your offerings and podcast and everything. Thank you, Kara. So you can find STARFamily Wisdom online starfamilywisdom.com. We're also on Instagram STARFamily Wisdom STARFamily Wisdom podcast, and you can connect with me on Instagram, Jenna Layden and our next rites of the Moon.


01:07:22 Ike. Shamanic Initiation is coming up in May, so if you're interested in that, you can find it on the website and learn a little more there. We'll also be offering a master class ahead of time to just talk a little more about shamanic initiation, what the whole process is all about, what you can experience. So you can sign up for that on the website as well. And then I'll be speaking next month at the Portal to Ascension conference in San Diego.


01:07:49 And there's still time to sign up. I think there's still some space left, so go to I think it's Ascensionconference.com and check out tickets if you want to come join us live in person. It's, I think, a three day weekend conference, so I'm looking forward to that. Wonderful. Great.


01:08:08 Thank you. And I do encourage everybody to go check out the Star Family Wisdom website because there is a ton of information out there. You've got a lot of free ebooks and master courses and things like that. So do go check it out. And Jenna, this has been a ton of fun.


01:08:27 I can't wait to have you on again. It was. Thank you. Talk about oh, my gosh, we could talk for days. I know.


01:08:34 Literally, I have a whole list of things here, and we got to so. Tell me how you got from Whole Foods to being a Cosmic Guide. That's all we got through, right? Which was perfect. Well, thank you so much.


01:08:50 I've loved this. Thank you. And thanks to your audience for their presence and willingness to engage in these sorts of conversations. I'm so grateful.



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Jenna Layden

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Jenna Layden is the Founder of Star Family Wisdom, and a former Global Vice President for Whole Foods Market who has been leading teams and individuals through change and transformation for over 15 years. As an experiencer of supernatural phenomena and ET contact, Jenna has developed a passion for helping humans embrace a multidimensional reality without fear. Through those experiences, Jenna began remembering lives “off Earth” and is now focused on her mission in this life “to be a teacher of lost knowledge and wisdom from the Stars”.

Now a Master Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner and Cosmic Guide, Jenna connects ancient wisdom, new mind-body science and Universal Spiritual teachings to assist people in navigating their healing and Spiritual transformation. After leaving Whole Foods Market, Jenna founded Star Family Wisdom, a podcast, modern day mystery school, and community, where she offers Shamanic Initiation, and Digital Courses on Spirituality, Shamanism, ET Contact, and Personal Evolution. Jenna has been initiated by the Four Winds Society and Q'ero lineage of Peruvian Shamanism, is a Certified Rites of the Munay-Ki Shamanic Initiation Practitioner and is a Certified Master Energy Medicine Practitioner. She is also a member of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and is a passionate advocate for the indigenous communities and wisdom keepers who have been fierce protectors of humanity’s original wisdom.